16 May 2010

First Two-piece Swimsuit

This is in response to the prompt "swimsuit" at the 100 Word Challenge here.
100 Word Challenge

"It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny...bikini"

My granddaughter's first two-piece swimsuit came at age 3 1/2. She lives in the remote rain forest of Trinidad- no TV, no magazines. Her parents are naturalists, organic gardeners, hikers, live off the land.

My granddaughter is fascinated with clothes, outfits, styles and fashion. Are you getting the picture? She's a 3 1/2 year old fashionista with no role models.

Last visit, I brought her a two-piece swimsuit. She could hardly wait to try it on. When she did, she struck this pose as she modeled it. Her parents just shake their heads.


  1. Oh, how cute is that! Sometimes I think that, in the vacuum of being exposed to no commercial role models, a "style" evolves that would give those would-be role models a real run for their money.

  2. Amen, well said Patti!
    Your granddaughter is a little doll and looks so cute in her first two piece!
    What an amazing life they are living! I would love to hear all about it.

  3. Your granddaughter is a cutie.

  4. we visited with friends yesterday and kamala stayed with them while i was in a meeting. when i came back 4 hours later my friends asked me if i knew what i was getting into with kamala and encouraged me to take lots of vitamins =)!! she has a strong amazing personality and these model poses blow everyone away...even those she is meeting for the first time immediately comment on her model walk. how glad i am that the rainforest will be her base to spring off into whatever other part of the world she is called to =)!!

  5. Sjes's gorgeous - and a nice piece written in support of her 'style'.

  6. How utterly adorable! She'll probably head for the fashion world as soon as she can, totally dumbfounding her green parents. Isn't that always the way? They never turn out the way we imagine...

  7. She is so cute...what an awesome pose!

  8. Kamala is such a GIRL! I miss her...

  9. Thanks, All, for your comments. For more info on where my daughter and her family live, click on "My Daughter's Life" under "Links I Love". It's a tiny village in the beautiful rain forest of the North Range in Trinidad.
    It is amazing to see how children walk their own path driven by their own inner guidance.

  10. Her amazing upbringing will be a wonderful factor in whatever she chooses. What a beautiful child!


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