24 June 2010

Theme Thursday: Triangle (2)

The first post (below) on the theme "triangle" is light hearted and fun. This, on the same theme, is more serious and heart felt.Please also see: Gay and Gray: An Elder Hero for Gay Humanity at Time Goes By.

Triangle Foundation of Michigan:

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Triangle Foundation
to promote equality and to secure
freedom from violence, intimidation and 
discrimination for LGBT persons
throughout Michigan.


Vision Statement

We envision a society characterized by a
strong commitment to universal civil
safe communities, workplaces,
and schools;
stable families; and
self-reliant LGBT individuals.


Sounds like a vision we can all debate and perhaps support, right? The kind of thing we might discuss in a variety of settings, maybe pro, maybe con. Theoretical. But what about when it becomes more personal? Then where do we stand? What about when it's our daughter or son, our granddaughter or grandson, our niece or nephew, our sister or brother?

 That precisely is why we must face our own biases, challenge our prejudices, educate ourselves with facts instead- because every LGBT individual IS a daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, sister or brother.  Or maybe they're ready to emerge and are listening to our language and beliefs, watching our behavior to see if they can safely do this with us. And if they only hear negative judgments, how will they trust us as loved ones they can confide in, and, more importantly, how will they think and feel about themselves?

 All our children and grandchildren are listening and watching. What do they hear and see about their present or future selves? 

Lovingly dedicated to Judith and Kim.


  1. I agree, wholeheartedly. Judgments, and judgmental people cause more harm than good, especially when the judgments are made in ignorance and an aura of prejudice.

  2. nice. thank you for the challenge...very apropo...and happy tt!

  3. I'm crying, Aunt Mary. What an absolutely _simple_ thing that seems so hard to those unwilling to open their hearts. And what an amazing reminder that children learn what they see, what they live, and what they hear.

    Thank you.

  4. I really liked this. I think people are accepting (save a few mad Christian right idiots who I chose to totally ignore), sadly it's Governments that think we aren't. Interesting that you posted a wedding picture. Gay marriage is still illegal here although gay couples have all the same rights as heterosexual couples so what's the big deal . . let 'em get married for heaven's sakes. Children certainly do learn what they see thankfully, because mine have learned not to judge someone by their sexual orientation.

  5. Lou, And harm our kids and grandkids.
    Brian, Thank you for taking it.
    Patti, We never know who is at our side or what hurt they carry, hence the importance of acceptance.
    Judah, I celebrate (and love) you!
    Baino, Thanks, I hope so, glad for your kids. The marriage shown was my dear niece and her partner. Gay marriage isn't legal where they live so they had their own "Celebration of Love" anyway. It was lovely. Don't they look happy?

  6. And how well put! You are doing a great service by posting this!

  7. This makes me happy. First, I have a sister who just married her partner in Amsterdam last fall, legally married her. My wish is that their union can be recognized legally here in the U.S. one day. Second, since I am in Michigan, the Triangle Foundation makes me happy. My brother over in Holland - this one in Michigan, not the Netherlands :) - is strongly involved with PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians & Gays) in that very conservative area, partly because his son is also gay.

    All the best chances of happiness to Judith & Kim!

  8. HalfAsstic, Thanks, it's one of the great things about having a blog- being able to say the things that are in our hearts. You do and I love that about you.
    Ruth, Thanks for sharing that info. It makes it all the more important that we speak the truth.


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