12 April 2015

Two Ways of Looking at Bone

Bone is a most interesting thing.
It encrypts brick and feather
it's shaped 
with shades of blue
like ice midwinter
that Maine winter of cerulean snows
when a small boy's 
sledding yells rappelled 
down the hill.

But now 
spring is a carousel
that spins a kindred melody
(Are daffodils ciphers 
bloomed to mock death?)
brings a bone wish 
to walk again 
the garden 
to feel earth's curve 
under spine.

Inspired by Hannah Gosselin's blog, Metaphors and Smiles, back in March where she gave intriguing instructions for a Guided Poem. I liked it and have been playing with it since. Today's post by Grace over at Real Toads about Wallace Stevens pulled it together though. It's another in my Bone Poem series.