15 December 2012

Holiday Travel

Tomorrow I leave with my Honey for Trinidad's Rain Forest where my daughter, her husband and our two grands live. I'll be there for Christmas, New Years and the worst part of the winter. I know, I'm spoiled.  I'm yearning to be with family, have time to play and hike to beautiful places, celebrate my birthday, go to the grands' gymnastic classes, see movies in English, play scrabble with my daughter, maybe even do some art with my friend, Bunty, and enjoy life. Oh, and train for a relay race (my section is 6 1/2 miles) with other family members as part of the National Marathon to End Breast Cancer in Jacksonville, FL in February. I've run the marathon, two half- marathons and now the relay  to celebrate my niece's wedding that weekend. It's "our" event as a family since losing my Honey's sister, Peg, to breast cancer in 2007. Her loss and my desire to do something about it sparked my running.

A downside is having only dial up access to the internet which makes blogging difficult (at best). Remember the days of dial up? UGH! There will be occasional visits to high speed land, so I'll keep in touch and share what I can as I'm able.

In the meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all. Enjoy your family, your spouse, and your life to the fullest. Let each person you love know it. Grandmothers, keep your eyes open for the depressed, angry young adolescents and see that they get help. They have a hard time asking for it or admitting to depression and if they don't get it they can distort reality to be something worth destroying. In these days of mental health cutbacks we must acknowledge that people who need help and don't get it can take it out on themselves or others. Both are too costly. Treatment saves lives. Let's do this.

14 December 2012

55 With The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Just this -
a fun tune, a good message:
'I belong with you. You belong with me.
You're my sweetheart.'
That's all. And a catchy beat.
And a sky full of colored confetti.
Friends celebrate. Did you know confetti
comes from Italy? But here it's candy
over almonds. Sweet. Given at weddings.
Belongs there. With sweethearts.

A simple ditty for Friday Flash 55 for the G-Man.

12 December 2012


She shuffles by lost
in the fog of mental illness,
mute, unreachable.
I make nursing rounds,
hum some old tune. She
turns, follows me, hums
the same song.
Across her chasm
of neural chaos,

The prompt from Fireblossom over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads was to write about calamities and from my 36 years as a psychiatric nurse, there is no calamity that touches my heart more than major mental illness. This is a true story of a client with schizophrenia in a state hospital in California who had been mute for years. I was humming a song my father used to sing and she hummed along. So I started singing the songs I remembered from him and she sang along. She had a beautiful voice. Eventually we learned she was a singer with Benny Goodman in the mid 30's. She loved to sing. I offer it on dVerse poets open link night as well.

07 December 2012

Friday 55 - Ordinary Weeks

Big week- my daughter's birthday,
discovered six- word stories,
mountain snow fell and
our town lit its Christmas tree
in the main square.

Every week is like this-
ordinary things, newly
discovered, light my world.
Ordinary weeks, well lived,
bring light to our world.

Have an ordinary weekend,
live it well, bring even more light.

This is a Friday 55 for the G-Man. Check him out- join the fun.

06 December 2012

Six-Word Stories For Kelly

think your
thoughts. Me mine."

I'm outnumbered
by this one.

me words."
Hungry for words.

card reported:
a social butterfly.

version: "I
know that stuff."

but tried
all sports possible.

with the
big girls. Friends.

found ecology,
never looked back.

semester, mind-
expander, life- changer.

rain forest,
and then Carl.

follows deeper
rhythms, pays attention.

children adore
her. Why not?

Today is my daughter's birthday. Continuing with the six-word stories, these are about her at various stages of life starting at age three when after an argument with me she announced, hands on hips: "You think your thoughts and I'll think mine." I knew I was in trouble! I enjoyed the process of trying to distil a few of her stories into their essentials. Happy Birthday, Kelly. I love and admire you. I'm glad you were born.

04 December 2012

Six-Word Stories

Can these be responses to a prompt at dVerse Poets Pub on open link night for poetry? They're only six words each but they each tell a story.

first, poet,
writer after retirement.

car, blind
curve took all.

years but
loves sexy undies.

sneer tells
all, leave now.

behind, her
too little self.

married, she
loves him newly.

they're all
he relates to.

These were indeed inspired by Karin at ManicDDaily who was herself inspired by Luke at Word Salad: The Poetry of Luke Prater who has a great article on micro-fiction six-word stories. I was familiar with the six-word memoir project and wrote one a couple of years ago: Life, my ancestor-in-training course. Luke put his in the above format to be more like poems. It's fun, try it out.

02 December 2012

Long Partnerships - Erasure Poetry

From: The Last Gift of Time by Carolyn G. Heilbrun

Long partnerships are rare, endow
inhabitants with equilibrium
otherwise unknown.
A woman, her spouse
cherished, endured.

This moment, at last, overshadows
resentments, betrayals, boredom,
disallows a sin of omission to serve
as mental magnet.

Memory and anger recede,
dissipate. Life in the moment
no longer expects what will never occur,
expects neither more nor less
than who he is.

Marrieds of many decades earn,
as reward, mutual mellowness,
find life good.

This was actually sparked by Mary's prompt on Friday: Connection over at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads and a continuation of Anna's Erasure Poetry from dVerse Poets Pub. Their current prompt is from Stuart: Missing You. Since I have the good fortune to be in a marriage of 39 years with my Honey, I erased all of the last chapter in The Last Gift of Time except the above as a hymn of praise to long relationships. And on the theme of missing, it expresses why I miss my Honey when he's away.