27 February 2013

6.7 at 67

For the marathon in Jacksonville, Florida this year I ran in the relay with nine family members. I ran the third leg that measured 6.7 miles with my daughter to celebrate my 67th birthday. Like last year, the day was unseasonably cold at 34 degrees despite being in the 50's or 60's before and after race day. Nonetheless two teams of five family members in town for my niece's wedding (she's the one in her headpiece and who is now honeymooning in Italy) linked up with each other to run/walk the five legs. Here's how we looked before shedding layers at the start of our respective legs.

We had fun and supported a great cause since this is the National Marathon to End Breast Cancer and 100% of the proceeds go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for breast cancer research and treatment. Our teams were named "Peg's Pals and Peg's Pals ll" in honor of my Honey's sister and my friend, Peg, who died of breast cancer five years ago. We joined 10,000 others, including survivors, for this marathon, half marathon, 10K, and relay. A welcome home tribute, a hot tub for the brave and a barbecue for all, followed at my sister-in-law's.

I ran well, had fun and look forward to next year. Running three times a week to ready myself for this yearly event keeps me healthy and happy. How to do this until 100 injury free will be the topic of another post.

11 February 2013

Leaving Trinidad

Some photos as I end up my visit to Trinidad that I haven't yet shared but are fabulous favorites.

Newly hatched Little Hermit hummingbird (about the size of a raisin):

Taken on a hike:

Poinsettias growing wildly at a neighbors house.

A final portrait with the grands from a dinner by the sea:

Sunset photo with my daughter:

Giving river rock tattoos:

Water vine drink on my birthday hike to a waterfall I had never seen:

Cacao pods of various varieties:

Goodbye Trinidad and Tobago.

I'm in Florida for 10 days now to visit family and attend the wedding of my niece.

07 February 2013

Woven with Desire

We were woven
with desire, you and I,
enticed by promises
to explore friendship 'til
flickers fanned to flames,
hearts unpacked of baggage
brought to this union, clamps
undone, bulldozed of notions
not exact to our particulars,
which missed us, served up
another story. Ours-
a simple giving to each
other, prayers projected
but exceeded.

This is woven from word lists of the inimitable Shay over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads and offered for the G-Man for Friday Flash 55.

04 February 2013

Sunset Roost

Sunset Roost

mud ooze
holds mangrove trees,
herons soar, great egrets,
at dusk returning flocks of red-
scarlet ibis

This is inspired by Marian over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads who taught us about Cinquains on the weekend and is offered today for Open Link Monday. I visited the Caroni Swamp in Trinidad yesterday to see this remarkable sight.

02 February 2013

After Friday 55

Is it too late for Friday flash 55?
Phantasmagoric happenings
kept me from yesterday altogether.
It's carnival in Trinidad next week
and steel pan competition finals
now; swarms of people, loud music,
exotic costumes, dizzying dances, bacchanal
unimaginable to one from cooler climes.
Glitz and glitter, glam and clamor,
calypso, soca, frenetic,
jump up madness.

Besides a day late Friday Flash 55, this is in response to Laurie's prompt word: phantasmagoric over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads. The photo is my granddaughter and her best friend in sparkly outfits.