11 April 2009

Are we out of our minds?

"So do you think we're out of our minds making this move?" I ask my husband today. "Yes, I do. We're out of our minds and into our hearts." He says sweet, insightful things like that. I love him for that. It made me laugh which made me relax. We're in it together. We're saying "yes". we're taking the next step. All is well.
It's the "I don't knows" that get me. I also talked with my dear friend, Annee, today. She said "I don't know is the closest we come to God." She says wise things like that that I really don't quite understand and even make me mad but help at some subterranean level. She reminded me the last time I was in this fearful place a decade ago a great gift emerged- the gift of poetry. Of course, it's in the furnace that new things are forged.
So, the revelation of today was how important my incredible friends are to be able to walk this journey.

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