31 August 2009

Social Life

Our social life has never been fuller! I've made more friends in a shorter time than any other place I've lived. People I really like, enjoy and want to get to know better. People who have introduced me to new places, new experiences and the life that this part of Italy has to offer. They're mostly bilingual or have spouses or children that are and this blending of cultures is fascinating and fun - American, English, German, South African, Dutch, Venezualan, Irish, Scottish and, of course, Italian. It opens the world up in such an interesting and personal way. I've had invitations to meals, strolls, festas, card playing, site seeing, beaching or just visiting. It makes for a sense of belonging, a glimpse of the future and a full heart.


  1. sorry we missed your call last night....i was reading the kids to bed...give us a call but be warned kahlil has not been too keen to talk about his arm and is feeling nervous of what people will think and of all the attention being focused on him - wow that sounds so strange not that i write it - he who always want to be watched and attended to. but i guess he wants us to see how great and marvelous he is, not that he fell and got injured - good thing to notice about him =)!! it will be interesting to see how he responds because he stayed in all day and kept asking why i had to tell people that he broke his arm. which is when we discussed all about healing energies from around the world.

  2. p.s. i love hearing such joy in your voice - even if it is mainly through typed words!!


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