21 October 2009

Read Blogs!

I saw a quote by Jay Rosen: "Blogs are little first amendment machines." I like that! The more blogs I read the more I realize the truth of that. People are sharing their world view directly with each other. We're showing up, paying attention and telling the truth. Put them all together and get the bigger ( and truer) picture of what's going on in our world of ordinary folks than the news can ever portray. So, do your part to preserve freedom of speech- read blogs!


  1. Hey! I don't have your email address. Can you send it to me so I can forward you replies to your comments? Or do you get comments emailed to you automatically? Sometimes a great dialogue gets going in comments.... other times it's just silly. You never know!

    Read Blogs! And Comment!!

  2. Email: maryharveywarren@aol.com. What is the way to get automatic emails re: comments? Any communication with you is welcomed. Just had 10 days with the Fitzjames clan and had great fun! Kahlil grew 3 inches and Kamala is such a cute combo of girlie but feisty. To Trinidad for Christmas!

  3. Aha! Here it is! I miss Kelly so much. She's my sister... Max misses Khalil and the forest. I think there's a "subscribe by email" type of button on my comments page, which means you get subsequent comments emailed to you.


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