25 August 2012

Transport Out

He followed me that day rather
Than our older brother whom he
Adored. I headed for the truck yard
With shipping truck bodies silvered,
Lettered and striped in colors like
Slashes of unknown places. I'd been
Nowhere at that time of my life but
Felt transported by those huge trucks.

I swung open back doors but can't remember
How I managed that at eight years old, small
For my age. Should we be here he trembled, what
If the door closes? What if someone sees us and knows
We shimmied through where fence met cement wall past
Keep out signs? But smell this truck I sighed. Doesn't it smell like far away?
And don't you want to go far away? Don't you? Like me? Really
Far away? It never occurred to me that he wouldn't. Then
I turned and looked in his eyes and saw the fear and the rootedness
To here. I knew two things at that moment: I was already dreaming of away
And it never even occurred to me to be afraid.

I'm traveling (ironically) and missed the deadline for dVerse Poets prompt about Building Characters by Victoria Slotto. I thought of this incident though and wanted to share it.


  1. Such a fine poem, Mary. It smelled like far away, and it never even occurred to you to be afraid. You have certainly lived your life just like that! Did little brother remain a homebody all his life too? :-)

  2. Replies
    1. That early memory is vivid, especially the smell of those trucks.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't you wonder what memories your grands will remember?

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Your writing grows in power and impact all the time. So glad you're pursuing it. Love you so much, Elisabeth

    1. Glad you stopped by and thanks for the feedback. Love you right back.

  5. Replies
    1. It sometimes seems odd the things I remember and how they might have shaped me.

  6. hey how did i miss this...smiles....i love that you touch on the smell...so important...and the fear of away....never had it myself...smiles.

    1. It's the thing that I most remember in this incident- the smell of those big empty trucks.


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