06 October 2013


Grandmothers counsel the world,
touch the earth,
the lost land,
in a time of violence,
cry the beloved country.

Eternal echoes,
the celtic way of seeing,
the way of the shaman,
the education of the heart.

wise women,
(wisdom of the crone)
walk two moons,
fireflies in the dark-
heart of darkness.

I heard the owl call my name,
a grace disguised.
What color is my world?

I so enjoyed the prompt from Samuel at dVerse Poets on Oct. 4 that I kept going with more titles in my bookcase and a whole new topic.

Authors in order: Carol Schaefer, T.C.McLuhan, Eavan Boland (2), Alan Paton,  John O'Donohue, Frank MacEowen, Michael Harner, Thomas Moore, Nikki Giovanni, Joyce Tenneson, Field, Somerset and Phillips, Sharon Creech, Susan Goldman Rubin, Joseph Conrad, Margaret Craven, Jerry Sittser, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


  1. Grandmothers are very special. I especially like the ending here, Mary.

    1. I love being a grandmother but this was trying to get at a bigger role that elders can play in our society.

  2. smiles....well done....and grandmothers def have a huge role in the family as well as society...one of mine passed when i was 4...the other still with me, though she was different, not much like your typical grandmother...not as caring...my boys have good grands...

    1. It's a great role and I've been been inspired by the work of the group of elders that Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu are part of.

  3. As another grandmother, I definitely can relate.

    1. Have you thought about the resource we might be with our collective wisdom addressing the problems of society?

  4. I like this prompt and exercise. It's funny, I have not thought about myself as an elder, even though I am a grandmother. I mean I have not considered myself in this role outside of my own grandchildren. Maybe it's time to think about that. Thank you.

    1. Yes, we're the elders now and the birth of these grands makes us more aware of the kind of world we want for them. Think of our collective wisdom and the importance of bringing it to bear on today's issues.

  5. Yes, we are much more willing to speak out and support organizations that will guarantee the world will survive and thrive for our next generations.


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