15 November 2013


dang sister of mine
don't learn pays no mind
to me no matter
her life splatter

just trying to help her
trying to save her
from clutches dragging her down
too far before she drown

she don't care one whit
feels good gets lit
lit brings no damn good
been where she goin' by god

For the G-Man on Friday who has us write a story in 55 words.


  1. Dang Mary!!
    Such a dark story for such a bright picture.
    Loved your Sibling 55
    But we always get a great contribution from our Grandmother..:-)
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. oy yeah you cant run from the problems---and adding alcohol to the mix can make it worse for sure...its so hard when we can not make others decisions for them...they have to want it...

  3. Mary, this is powerful. Such punch packed into 55! And the image is haunting. Yes, some sisters are beyond our help...no matter how hard we try. Loved this! ~~ Kim

  4. But you can't save people from themselves, sister or not. And if you aren't careful, you drowned with them.


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