07 May 2014

This I Know

I watch you walk the forest path,
two-leggeds, moveable beings,
part of cosmic fertility, content
for now among us tall ones.

Is your life like mine, simple
and clear in its purpose?
Here is what I know, that's
shared in our council:

That sky remains ready
to receive dark and light.
That forest sits silent
awaiting sound.

That sun feeds bright
and heat to all.
That wind strokes my arms
to play the song of my life.

That birds alight on my branches,
find shelter and, in turn,
scatter my seeds far from me.
That this right action you call wisdom.

That forest deaths create humus
to urge new life in its crucible.
That when I turn toward
what I love, it saves me.

Do you yet know that being
and appreciating is enough?

Abhra, at dVerse Poets Pub, has us writing Tree Poetry, to actually write as the tree. Check it out, there's some good poetry going on over there… The photo is of an Imortelle Tree taken on my latest trip to Trinidad. It flowers around Christmas and is just beautiful.
Two quotes are paraphrased here: 
"Wisdom and right action are the same thing." Marcus Aurelius
"This turning toward what you deeply love saves you." Rumi


  1. i love how you make the tree talk... That wind strokes my arms
    to play the song of my life... my fav part... there's so much magic in a tree's song and so much wisdom as well...

    1. Thanks, Claudia, I enjoyed this prompt.

  2. no. i think we probably do not know that...at least not on the broad scale.....there is an interesting detachment between the trees and us in this...it is an interesting thought that they would ponder about us....

  3. If only our lives would be as simple as the lives of trees......and it is indeed a good lesson to think that being and appreciating are enough.

  4. I love the circle of life aspect of this ... a tree always knowing that even as it dies new life will emerge.

    1. In the temperate rain forest of Washington state I saw a fallen tree sprouting a dozen new trees. They call them nurse trees.

  5. the fallen tree feeds variety as well.

  6. Trees will always be a giver.

  7. love the close with the deep message....

  8. What wonderful imagery, and what a worthwhile message.

  9. Wonderful lessons here--beautifully realized. k.


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