12 December 2014

Clean Your Bones and Catch Some R & R

Bones are surprisigly 
difficult to keep clean,
turns out white wasn't 
the best choice for beings
without skin. A search
brought me years ago 
to a distant island spa 
for bones- a pink lake
surrounded by a rim
of sand for scraping feet
and a dense woodland
of paperbark trees 
against which to rub.
Salt crusts cover
the shoreline and whiten 
stained bones. 

The flattering pink color
might come from 
(that don't harm) 
or might arise from a dye,
but we choose not to use 
that word, what with it being 
a spa. Pink draws 
the ladies though. They carry
home clear pink water
in necklace amulets
that catch the interest
of friends and spread
the word. Bones
worldwide come. 

The bright pink
lends an appropriate
other- worldly air, the pratical
aspects of bone care
are tended to while
peer to peer contact
is facilitated. A whole 
package solution.

For Hannah at Real Toads who has us writing about Lake Hillier, a bubble gum pink lake that sparked  this (much) lighter tone in my bone poems series.


  1. Oh yes there has to be a good reason to enter into those waves.. ;-) love that thoight.

  2. A pink lake and spa, now that sounds unique and appealing.

  3. How absolutely fascinating. You managed to share quite a bit of information while still being poetical!

  4. Boy, this is really really PINK! :-)

  5. A cool response to the prompt......I am enjoying your bone series!!!!!

  6. I think it's so great that you're writing a bone series...I have been enjoying them and the aspect that I enjoy is the amulets full of pink water...lovely mental picture in all. Thank you, so much for joining the challenge, Mary!

    1. With such a pink lake this was a great prompt. Glad you're enjoying the bone poems!

  7. A whole package solution

    You've said it! Everything thrown in for the tired self and all in blushing pink. Can never get it elsewhere! Wonderful lines Mary!


  8. Well I would like to go to that spa and feel refreshed afterwards ~ Lovely response Mary ~

    1. You started this bone series, Grace, and I thank you.

  9. what is that movie? think think think... this brings to mind (races off to figure out the title, be right back)... The Road to Wellville. great association!

  10. I'm not familiar with this one- I'll check it out.

  11. I love your opening lines! they really captured my attention.


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