03 June 2009

How To Do Business

I'm not sure how to adequately describe the first meeting of our homeowners association. Since I don't yet grasp all of the language, it leaves me free to watch the process and this process left me flabbergasted! I said that italians like to argue but this was remarkable. At any one time there were always multiple conversations going and usually heated exchanges. If someone wanted to argue a point with someone else, they would just get up and walk over to them and argue it out. At one point, someone got up to show something outside and took 3 others with him! The moderator seemed nonplussed by the whole process and never called for any particular order.
I don't know how anyone heard anyone else but every once in awhile a vote was taken and people raised their hands pro or con as if they heard it all. Decisions got made, people seemed to still be friends, the moderator was voted in for another stint and people stayed and chatted more at the meetings end.
John and I just looked at each other wondering what on earth just happened laughed! We obviously have a lot to learn about italian culture that makes such a process the way to do business.

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