27 November 2009

A Time I Had Magic

This was written in response to the prompt "give" by The 100 Word Challenge of Velvet Verbosity in the belief that there are many ways to give life.

100 Word Challenge

A Time I Had Magic

I saved a life once.
On a Nebraska Reservation
a baby boy was born
blue, limp, silent.

The doctor, a stranger
to these people and tired
said: "Leave him,
he will die."

His mother turned
her head, refused to hold him,
said: "Take him away,
he has eleven fingers."

I was his nurse.
I focused on him,
massaged his feet,
stroked his still chest.

Life loitered,
crept in slowly.
He breathed,
he moved,
turned pink.

Connected to life,
I fed it to him
like milk.
Whispered: "Welcome, little boy."

It was that kind of magic.


  1. Oh, beautiful Mary! Magic indeed.

  2. This is just wonderful, Mary!

  3. Very gently beautiful. Thanks for your contribution to the 100 word challenge, even if it is nothing like saving a life! :)

  4. What a lovely poem. "It was that kind of magic." Humble ending.


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