08 November 2009

Thoughts From My Balcony

Our balcony was in sunshine this morning after my run. It spilled into our south facing living room, dining room and kitchen warming the tiles and us. But there is snow on the mountain tops in the distance. Saw a sprinkling the end of October but this is extensive and probably kicks off skiing season up there. It's beautiful on these clear days but I like looking at it in the distance rather than the up close and personal of Maine. I'm eager to know first hand what winter is like in this part of Italy. So far so good.

Been doing a lot of thinking about where to go from here with the profound experiences I've had and my involved family members have had in our yearly woman's circle (see previous post). I've been searching for a way to contribute to my community. In terms of what I'm passionate about- this is it. But how do I bring this to the wider community?


  1. I envy your views of the mountains, there in Italy. Certainly a much milder Winter, there, in Italy, than in Maine. Or in Chicago, where i'm from.

  2. "They will come"! Keep writing. Comment on a few other blogs, and your comments will draw readers here. That's the great thing about blogging!

    I see Lou (Lceel) has found you. He came to Trinidad last year and we met in person. He is a great guy! So funny to see him commenting here! What a small community we are.

  3. Oh, and so far I like "Island Hopping" best... I think!

  4. I'm glad you like it because then you'll be a guest writer on my blog!

  5. YOU ARE THE WINNER! Thank you! Guest post coming soon. Any particular topic you'd like?


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