18 April 2010

Books, Kindles and True Love

Our other favorite art pieces are up now (finished today) and it's fun to see how they look just a little different in their new environment. I get to see them in new light (literally) and appreciate them again.

The books have their new cozy homes and are already inviting me to peruse them yet again. I'm going to accept that offer for sure. When something has saved or changed your life, it's important to spend time with it and maybe reap further benefits. They beckon me: "come, sit awhile, cherish the words, the turn of phrase, the stories...". They think I'm two-timing them because I bought a Kindle while they were away. And I love my Kindle but it's still books, right?

And that reminds me, I LOVE my Kindle. It links to the internet so I can buy books right off Amazon, dangerous but so convenient. It will hold a thousand books, is the size of a book and has the same heft to it. It has a dictionary built in so I just put the cursor in front of the word and get the definition without having to get up. That's the best! The screen is such that I can read it in the brightest sun with no problem. I can earmark pages, underline and retrieve my notes when I want. It has a keyboard to write notes or change font size. And even I learned to use it quickly and I'm no techie. All this and the sheer joy of reading too- like I said, I'm in love.

Goes for days on a charge and can be recharged via computer or plugged in an outlet. I like to read multiple books at a time (anyone else do that?) and the Kindle lets me do this without an armload of books. When I went to Trinidad and Antigua this winter, I carried a ridiculous number of books to keep me supplied while there and ran into weight overage on Ryan Air! No more. Yup, it's true love!

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  1. Oh, yeah, I so agree! I LOVE my Kindle too! I remember taking 45 (you read that correctly, forty-five!) paperbacks with me to Brazil when I went on business back in the 80s. Who knew they sold English language paperbacks in every drug store? Fortunately, that was before the airlines got all wonky about "extras," like luggage.

    I do read more than one book at a time, but only one is fiction. The other one or two are non-fiction.

    I'm in love too.


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