17 April 2010

Welcome Home

While I lived in Antigua for the 2 1/2 years before moving to Italy, I left some art, photo albums, books, dishes and personal items in storage in Maine. Either I just didn't need them in a furnished rental or they might get damaged in Antigua. A few days ago, the shipment of these items arrived. It's the last of our goods and it feels wonderful to have them around once again. It's like being reunited with treasured friends. Seeing again how lovely they are, how they bring back a flood of warm memories, how they make me feel at home. "Oh, remember this? Was she ever that little? Remember when we got this and the artist we talked to? This is the book that changed my life. Remember when this poetry saved my life?"

Old photos celebrating 36 years, books that couldn't not live with us. Poetry books collected through the years and serving as life rafts more than once. Our original set of dishes given by my mother and godmother when we got married, hand painted in Scotland, witness to countless meals with family and friends and life changing conversations. I think the dishes hold that energy and bring it to new friends and conversations. I'm sure that's why family and friends linger over the table when the meal is long done.

My commitment to keeping only what we use and love and using all that we have means I pared down to what fits in our small apartment. Magically, it all fits! And what's here nourishes my heart. Welcome to Italy, welcome back, welcome home!


  1. "It's the last of our goods..."

    Wow, this line is so full of commitment to your new life as an Italian signora. I think many people living elsewhere leave a bit of themselves in storage "at home" as a kind of tether to their identity. It sounds as if you are at home right where you are. I'm happy that you have these important parts of your past there with you.

    P.S. I love the metal sculpture of the angel with Medusa hair!

  2. Isn't that amazing- it's a hammered metal piece from Haiti that I got in Antigua as part of a fund raiser. See the birds as well- she's a formidable presence!
    Yes, we sold the house, the furniture, the car in the states. Yikes! No regrets, however. Full commitment is the only option!

  3. So good to have your 'stuff', isn't it? The 'stuff' that makes your place your 'home'? I'm happy you're feeling settled, now. And 'home'.

  4. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my 'stuff', too!

  5. Lou, exactly right- feeling homey and settled.
    Nan, You'll have such fun. How is it we develop relationships with our books?

  6. when Kim read this, she said how alike we two are! I'm gladdened at the thought of you visiting with your old friends again! And not one bit surprised that it all fits - of course it does.
    Kisses - J

  7. And you'll get to see it all (and us) soon- hooray!


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