30 August 2011

Happy 95th!

9 plus 5 ways to age well from an interview with my Dad who is 95 this year:

1. Dance every week to music you like with someone you love.

2. Eat good food moderately, and if they don't serve nutritious food at the senior center get involved in changing the menu so they do.

3. When your sad, have a good cry.

4. Go to classes or groups at the senior center that interest you. I met Helen at an aerobics class when I was 84.

5. Keep reading and keep up with current events.

6. Go to church and sign up to do something for someone else, like reading to an elderly blind person.

7. Volunteer to read to the local kindergarten class. Shel Silverstein and Dr. Suess have some great poems and books for the little ones.

8. Keep in touch with family and remember people still like to get a note. Put a dollar in it.

9. Say thanks to neighbors who help you, who shovel your snow and cut the lawn. Slip them a fiver every now and then for a treat.

The bonuses:

1. Feel grateful each morning you don't find your name in the obituaries.

2. Say prayers every night for family and friends. Mention them by name.

3. Keep active. If you need to use a cane then forget your pride and use one.

4. Love everyone because that's what life's all about.

5. Keep some good jokes or funny little poems handy even if you have to write them down. Share them every chance you get. Guys like fresh ones.

Words to live by with no commentary needed!


  1. This is just wonderful. Great advice. I'll take it!

  2. That's a pretty cool dude there. Thanks for sharing this. xoxox

  3. Sally, Me too!

    Lou, Pretty cool. huh?

  4. Excellent advice! I can see where you got some of your values and zest for life.

  5. You are so fortunate, not only to have him around, but to have such wisdom and humor in your genetic makeup! Happy birthday to your Dad!

  6. What a wonderful font of wisdom your dad is!

  7. What a wonderful man. You are so blessed, and even more blessed that you know it!

  8. Your Dad is so wise and so wonderful! You're blessed to have him in your life for such a long time! May you have many more lovely times together!

  9. Nancy, And it's how he lives his life.

    DJan, He makes me laugh each time I talk to him. And he always thanks me for calling.

    Rosaria, He says you pick up wisdom if you pay attention.

    Lauren, He is and I am even though we've had our struggles over the years.

    Kathy, Thank you, I hope so. His goal is 102.

  10. What a beautiful man. Please pass on to him how he has blessed me/us through your posts.

  11. YOu have a real treasure there Mary, thank him for such an enlightening peak into his world. xxx

  12. Ruth, I will. What a kind thing to say.

    Lynne, I especially like where he says he like to help the elderly! As if he isn't one!

  13. Your dad is some kind of wise. I love his tips. My father, who would have been 101 last Feb had he lived past 97, did many of the things your dad suggests. He stayed vital and kept his mind. He never remarried after Mom died when he was 86 but he never ruled it out either.

  14. CG, My mother died when Dad was 80 and 4 years later he met his current partner. He counts himself doubly blessed.


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