25 August 2011

Final Vacation Photos

It's hard to post about all that went on in a month once it's all over. But here are some favorite photos of  special times jockeying for remembrance.

Best friends for 37 years! Imagine our conversations after all these years, first as young wives, mothers, grandmothers and now as elders conscientiously seeking our place in the scheme of things. Such a friendship nourishes and sustains me on my journey. Our children are friends as are our grandchildren. How very special. Thanks for your friendship, Cindy. Here's to many more years of memories and helping each other grow.

Our favorite get away spot in Perkins Cove, Maine.

As is this, tranquil and lovely on this quintessential summer, Maine day.

Speaking of Maine, my favorite lighthouse in my favorite park to run, walk, beach and hang out in - Portland Head Light in Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth. It's 90 acres of beauty across the street from where I used to live.

Also in Cape Elizabeth is the Lobster Shack serving the best lobster rolls ever made in the most glorious setting imaginable on wooden picnic tables surrounded by rocks and ocean. Everyone gets mesmerized.

I visit there with my favorite diva, good friend, great shopping companion and hostess extraordinaire, Margaret and her husband, Malcolm. They opened a whole new world in introducing me to opera when I lived across the street from them. I've seen them perform professionally numerous times including in  Dusseldorf, Germany last year. A great example of friends who enrich my life.

Everyones mood is lightened in such a setting, where we get back to the basics of family, friends and sharing food. My daughter and the grands got the giggles while trying to cuddle on a chair made of stone.

Here's the best symbol of the love around my niece's wedding in Florida - the cupcakes! See how each one has a different, personal decoration meant to be meaningful to the loving couple. It was remarkable to watch each be decorated with such attention, care and love.

I love watching friendships develop at our family gatherings, first among my daughter and nieces, and also among my grandchildren and their cousins. Somehow I see this as a shoring up for them against life's vicissitudes. A strengthening of this singularly important ability, the ability to form lasting friendships.

To say nothing of having all those aunties are in your corner, loving, supporting and cheering you on.

Cheering all accomplishments, including my great- nephew, who is on the autistic spectrum, learning to ride a bike by himself, without training wheels, while we were together. Was he proud of himself! Were we proud of him! Way to go, TJ!

There's lots to be grateful for. Sometimes it's good to review the photos and the memories and actually count those blessings. It's a long list...

What's top on your gratitude list?


  1. I loved this post! Such a beautiful time with family, dear friends and favorite places watching friendships among the younger generations evolving. It doesn't get any better than that!

  2. It's truly a wonderful post, filled with love and gratitude, and plenty of pictures! My favorite kind. Thanks for taking me along on your lovely visit.

  3. My wife has 8 siblings, most of whom have children of their own. I LOVE how the cousins are all so close to each other. It's a family that will stay 'connected' for many years to come.

  4. Kathy, Those two little girls are frequently off by themselves in their own world playing and having fun. You're right, not much better.

    DJan, It is my great pleasure!

    Lou, You have seen them grow to adults close and connected to each other. What a good thing. (One brother has 8 and the other 3 so there will be lots of cousins.)

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and the memories they represent.

  6. Nancy, Wonderful memories indeed.

  7. What you have with Cindy is remarkable, and as families as well.

    And wedding cupcakes, what a great idea!

  8. Friends are truly something to be grateful for!

  9. What blessings. And I know that part of Maine very well!! So beautiful.

  10. Ruth, Old friends are a great life gift.

    Nan, I so agree.

    Lauren, Ah, Maine- if only the winter wasn't soooo long!

  11. Lovely photo of your daughter and your grandchildren, Mary!

    I am most grateful today for the fact my neighborhood escaped damage from Hurricane Irene.

  12. Pat, That's a lot to be grateful for!


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