03 June 2012

Making Memories

Both the grands wanted to visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World first so off we went for a full day of memories. Seeing the world through 9 and 6 year old eyes is so utterly fun. It maybe too simplistic - hero or villain- or hold too few options- pirate or princess- but that's for adolescence to discover. For now, the grands loved every minute and I got into the magic of this particular kingdom: the shows, the characters, the rides (I was the designated roller coaster rider with my grandson and really liked that role!) and the amazing friendliness and attention to detail that Disney excels in. What a blast we had! Favorite rides for the 9 year old- Space Mt. and Thunder Mt., for the 6 year old- the Tea Cups and Splash Mt., favorite for them both together- Buzz Lightyear. My favorite- watching the grands thoroughly enjoy themselves. Oh, and me too.


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. It's fun to be chosen as a companion for a kid, isn't it!

    1. It is indeed. Today it led me to my first ever upside down roller coaster!

  2. How wonderful to experience the Magic Kingdom with people just the right age!


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