04 February 2014

On a Lighter Note: Birthdays, Waterfalls and a 68 Shaped Cake

The tradition continues for my daughter to accompany me to a new waterfall each year on my birthday. This year's is the Ortinola Waterfalls, a cascading waterfall in the Maracas Valley. The day stayed sunny for our walk as it crisscrossed the river that led to this lovely spot. The many levels of this kind of waterfall invite exploration and wonder.

My granddaughter made brownies (my favorite), cut them in pieces to form a 68, added candles and then both grands carried out their surprise singing Happy Birthday. Made my day even more special. 

It capped off my annual retreat, regroup, rethink time that nourishes and energizies me for the coming year. I like having a birthday in January for just this purpose. 2014 promises to be an eventful year galloping along on horse energy after the inward energy year of the snake.


  1. You look marvelous, Mary!
    Many happy returns of waterfall days.

  2. Nice celebration of your birthday, Mary! I also like the optimism you share as you begin 2014!

  3. Exploring waterfalls sounds like the greatest birthday tradition I can think of! Especially when it's combined with spending time with your daughter and the grandkids. Happy, happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mary. Visiting a new waterfall on each of your birthdays is quite special. I find that your life is unfolding in so many interesting twists, and that too is most special. Enjoy the ride.

  5. What a fabulous tradition ... And brownies for your birthday treat, too -- it's all so indescribably delicious!

  6. I like your tradition. That is a great one. Your grandchildren are certainly growing fast. They seem to do that, don't they? Happy birthday to you.

  7. "...my daughter to accompany me to a new waterfall each year on my birthday."

    What a lovely tradition!

    And awwwww, the brownies cut to form 68. Precious.

    Happy Birthday!


  8. Thanks for the b'day greetings. I am grateful.

  9. Love the birthday browning. If you lived in Fresno I would have thought I saw you running this morning near my home. As I was returning from grocery shopping, I saw this lovely older woman jogging along the road. Then I come upon your blog and realize the woman looked just like you. But, since you are across the ocean, I guess it couldn't be.

    1. Yay for older women running! Wherever they are.


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