28 November 2014

Giving Thanks

I'm struck lately
by the bounty
of time given 
in retirement,

the stretch of day
to do as I want.
The burden is to choose
wisely, to plumb

my heart and play 
my stars, each day.
The grace
is the freedom 

of choice itself. 
What excites me,
interests me, draws me,
expands me? 

How can I move
toward those?
How can I fall
more in love with

life, this life, my life?
Read, write, run,
nurture family,
talk to John,

visit friends,
settle after years of travel,
become a hub,
although the 'of what'

can't be known yet. 
Weigh in
on what matters,
Step toward it.

Be an ally.
That's all. Except to
give thanks 
for this life.

 For Brian at dVerse Poets Pub who asked us to write what we're thankful for. I took the photo of the Swan Boats in Boston this past summer.


  1. Smiles. I've found quite retirement a challenge too. I have too many things I want to do and not enough time and energy to do everything I want. What a delightful dilemma, heh? Happy Thanksgiving, Mary.

    1. I like how you put it- a delightful dilemma.

  2. I feel as you do about retirement....what to do with the time. Truly there are so many options. I think that now is the time to weigh in on what is important to us...AND to continue to give and grow. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary.

  3. For me in retirement there seems like more to do that ever.. with one important caveat that certainly is cause for celebration and that is.. i'm doing what i like.. which is change worth keeping..:)

    Happy Thanksgiving!..:)

    1. How fortunate we are to be able to do what we like.

  4. Nice poem and contemplation about retirement. We retirees have more freedom in our days, yet the time ahead is shorter when we are retired than when we are 20 so choices are important.

  5. the trick is def in the choosing how you will spend that time...what you will stand up for...what you will invest in...and what you will keep for yourself...just to appreciate....smiles...

    1. It's the ongoing question. But there's so much to to appreciate...

  6. This a very thoughtful piece Mary. Time is truly a treasure. I'm glad you chose to spend some of it writing. :o)

    1. Reading, writing and running are the big three.

  7. I also give thanks for the life I have. This Thanksgiving was the most perfect in several years, just me and the husband, but nothing was missing, and everything was filled with love. Your days seem to me to be pretty much perfect, too. Am I right? :-)

    1. You're right, my days are full and rich. I'm glad you had such a lovely day, DJan.

  8. This is a lovely expression of gratitude, Mary. I was caught by "settle after years of travel." Are you still in Italy, or...?

    1. Hi Patti! Still in Itlay but some prospective buyers lately. Hopefully...

  9. Ditto. But I find myself busier than ever even though I can see clearly now that it is my choice to be. time speeds up as we slow down. Nicely constructed. http://looseleafnotes.com

    1. Thanks, Colleen, and thanks for stopping by.

  10. Strange, how clarity comes most perfected at the moment of withdrawal. Beautiful, too.


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