20 November 2014

Who I Am

I'm red hair 
but not its quick temper,
except sometimes.
I'm freckles
that trace a map
of other lands on my face.

I'm muscular legs
that run me where I want
and take me to unfrequented places.
I'm fingers curled over
a keyboard capturing words
black on white.

I'm hungry mind seeking words,
filled by reading them,
yearning to learn new ones, 
playing games of them.
I'm celtic mix that savors
family, gathers it, celebrates it,

cheers it on, helps fix it.
I'm broken one
at home with other broken ones,
on their side, arms around their shoulders.
I'm woman in love
with other women, 

with bone feel for our 
persistent plight.
I'm woman in forty- year love 
with a man, a singular
bright light man who
shows me clear blue sky.

I'm mother, brave
enough to bear a girl child
and raise her to be brave.
I'm grandmother to two dear ones who
bring me dragons and build new worlds.
I'm threshold ready to expand. 

I'm wise elder to my tribe
and beyond.

Posted for Brian, who's hosting at Poetry Jam and asked us to write about who we are.


  1. hmm..a real happy place your soul is in...lovely lines...

  2. I loved the openness with which you have written this poem, Mary. Through it I feel that I have gotten to know you a bit better. Your poem is rich in detail about yourself and what is important in your life. Nice to continue to feel like a 'threshold ready to expand." Hopefully one will continue to feel this way until the last day of one's life. Smiles.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I was inspired by dVerse Poets encouraging concrete images rather than abstract. I join you in hoping for expansion to the end...

  3. I like the feeling of contentment that pervades your poem, Mary. It is good to be able to look back on the past and be happy to be who we are now.

    1. I agree, Gabriella. On the threshold of my 70's is a good place to be.

  4. there is real contentment and re-assurance in your words, i like the way it progresses and the hope in it.

    1. Glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting.

  5. Excellent! What better thing to be than wise elder to your tribe on the threshold ready to expand!

  6. You're vibrant, mindful and you know who you are. It's wonderful!

    (Your package has arrived I think. :)

    1. An unexpected blessing from retirement, Ruth.
      (I'll be there in 4 weeks!)

  7. You are so many things and describe yourself in such an honest, open manner. Lovely write.

    1. It's how I see me at this moment of time.

  8. "I'm..." all the outward and inward signs assessed and compiled in a thoughtful presentation. A beautiful installation!

    1. Thanks, Rosaria. These first years of retirement here in Italy have given me the gift of time. I'm grateful.

  9. You are a pretty great person! With a great sense of humor and style and flair! And your love for your bright light man is so sweet. Thanks. k.

  10. ha. i rather like the freckle map...that made me smile up front...as with your commitment as well to your man...and good on you raising that child to be brave too...we must...

  11. Beautifully written poem. Loved your style of writing. Sharing it!

    1. Thank you, Ramya, and thanks for stopping by.


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