19 May 2009

Support Groups

I went to a gathering of women today who get together twice monthly to share caffé, ideas, pertinent info and general support. What a difference a support group makes! These women are from the US, England, Scotland and The Netherlands. All speak English and are fluent in Italian so they're great role models as well as potential friends. Made me realize for the umptieth time how important we women are to each other. How our support of each other enhances our joys and lessens our fears, both practically and emotionally.
I'm reading a book: "Grandmothers Counsel The World" by Carol Schaefer. It's an amazing collection of stories of 13 indigenous grandmothers who gathered in 2004 to teach, share their wisdom and reaffirm the right relationship of all things. It's so on point for my search just now and is speaking to me as another grandmother seeking my role as elder. These women, too, experienced the power of gathering together and speaking their truth to one another, supporting one another and directing their collective wise vision to their community.
This evening, John and I are dining with a "Slow Food" group that goes to restaurants that serve fresh, reasonably priced, local food served in traditional ways with local wines. It started here in Italy and has spread all around the world. What a great idea. What a great potential place to meet like minded friends.
Today made me hopeful, happy and grateful.

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