26 September 2010

Sunday Drive

When I was a young girl, my father liked to take us on Sunday drives through our greater Boston area and suburbs. I loved those drives and the glimpse into other lives. My husband was feeling a little low today so I hustled him into the car and took him on a Sunday drive through our current neighborhood.

The day was clear and sunny with high cumulus clouds.    

The mountains added dramatic back drops to the verdant fields everywhere in our region. The vines are laden with grapes and almost ready for harvest.

The hill towns perched on impossible vistas.

The Adriatic had ribbons of beautiful colors.

We even saw our own town from a different vantage.

His mood changed as we drove. Actually, we both felt full and blessed. Some traditions are worth preserving.


  1. The Adriatic! I have to look you up on a map. I thought you were somewhere else.

  2. How lovely it is where you are. Thank you for letting us see this little bit of your life and surroundings. Wow. just Wow.

  3. We still do the "Sunday drive" thing on occasion, always trying to go somewhere we've never been before. Your vistas are a whole lot more exciting, though!

  4. That drive could cure any low mood. You live in a paradise, and I have personal knowledge;)

  5. Lakeviewer, In Abruzzo Province. The Adriatic to our east, the Majella Mts to our south and the Gran Sasso to our west. So beautiful.
    Lou, Your welcome!
    Patti, They are spectacular!
    M P Mama, Yes, I like that you've been here and can appreciate it in a different way.

  6. I can't imagine having such a beautiful vista and not having it positively effect your mood! You and your husband are indeed blessed!

  7. Hi Krissa, We are. How are you?


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