07 September 2010


I'm not good at writing when there's lots going on to distract me. Obviously. Not that I'm complaining about my FULL summer, but the blog has suffered and I've missed my blog friends. A quick recap: 2 weeks in FL for vacation and a family gathering, 4 weeks here in Italy for my daughter and 2 grandchildren, 5 days at a friend's wedding in Tuscany and an 8 day visit from my niece and her life partner. Each one special and treasured. It occurs to me that those events would be great topics for sharing more extensively in the blog but I haven't perfected how to take time out (more than once a week) to write with everything happening around me and me wanting to be part of it all.

So, here I am, my heart full of wonderful memories. The good thing, of course, is that I am actually changed by these people and events as I enter into them fully. More important than writing about them I suppose. But still... It's like I have 2 lives and I want to integrate them more. If I write, I don't have time to keep up with friend's blogs. If I read, I don't have time to write. If my life is busy, I don't do either. How do others handle life and blogging?

Changes: I'm more in love with my amazing husband, I'm closer to and had more fun with my daughter and grandchildren, I'm more familiar with and in awe of my little corner of the world in Italy, I made new friends, I deepened bonds with my extended family. I even got my Italian driving license and Health Care Card. All in all, a great summer for which I'm grateful!

My daughter and grandchildren are now home in Trinidad, my grandson is back to school and my granddaughter had her first day of school ever. May they prosper. And, as things slow down to an earth rhythm here, we finally have ALL the documents we need to be elective residents of this beautiful country. Whew!


  1. "Whew" is right. You've been busy. And the lovely thing about the blog (and blogging) is that those of us who have come to know and love you are still right here.

    Welcome back. Welcome home.

  2. A juggling act tells you you're alive and active. Enjoy!

    Come va imparando l'italiano?

  3. I can't manage it all, either. I think writing after the fact is okay; I can take advantage of the opportunity to have thought about some of my experiences and put them into perspective. You really have had quite a busy summer!

  4. I'm SO glad I found your blog! We seem to love the same things!
    And Italy!! Land of my ancestors and my home in my heart.
    I'm now one of your "Followers". :)
    gabriele, in Southern California

  5. Keep in mind that you really are living a life that many would love to! (now ask me what is stopping us/me).......
    All of those fruits and vegetables can't be real!!! they are just too perfect! I enlarged the picture and it is breathtaking!

  6. Life? What life? You mean you people have a life? Writing and reading is incredibly time consuming. But this is the time we have to make memories. We can write about them later. And your summer sounds like it was wonderful.

  7. Lou, Thanks for being here. You make me feel welcomed.
    Lakeviewer, Parlo Englese meglio che Italiano ma studio Italiano tutti giorni. Grazie.
    B.O.Grandma, I like the idea of gaining perspective and then writing. Things are percolating now.
    Gabriele, Welcome! I checked out your blog and agree on shared interests. I even lived in CA for 14 years! Oh, and Italy...!
    Nanny, You put such a good spin on things for me. I'm grateful for taking the leap and doing what I wanted despite the "reasons" not to. Very real and beautiful- a sculpture, a painting!
    Patti, Also a great perspective. This is our time, isn't it? Yes, a fab summer!

  8. Blessings are everywhere. And I love that you take the time to acknowledge them all. I don't think I've ever seen anything like Tuscany and Umbria. Next time I'm making it to your side.... And I may move there as well. What amazing people. xoxo

  9. M.P. Mama, I'm so glad you liked your visit! You are welcome anytime to our Abruzzo province. We have 4 National Parks and the Apenine Mts as well as the Adriatic Sea. And the people are known for their hospitality and generosity. Life is good!


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