17 September 2010

Caves, Canyons and Gorges

On the many walks we took in the mountains near us, my grandchildren took particular pleasure in the small spaces discovered in the midst of the great natural wonders. Caves caused the most excitement when we found them; climbing in them, exploring them and looking for more wherever we went.

The entrance to the canyon we discovered was narrow enough to bring squeals of delight as we touched walls on either side and couldn't wait to see what came next.

One of the lovely gorges also had high walls lining it and both kids yelled "echo" to their hearts content as we hiked along.

Maybe it's taking a bite sized, manageable, comfortable dose of what can be so expansive even if beautiful. Maybe it's a good reminder to focus on the vista right in front of us and savor it. Either way, enjoying the small things made the whole experience richer and more fun.


  1. our world is just fascinating with all the surprise places it offers us. mother nature is pretty amazing!

  2. Enjoying the surprises around us, I like that.
    Sharing these, makes everything so much better.

  3. That's a great point. I like to sit and gaze at my garden; the kids like to hunker down amid the tall plants to create their own little space.

  4. Beautiful, and so different from my mental images of Italy.


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