17 November 2010


Even though Crossroads is a specialty program for drug and alcohol treatment, sometimes it's simple, human kindness that makes a difference. This morning I was entering the building where I work and met a new client who looked a little rough around the edges and lost.

"How can I help you? You look lost."
"I'm not lost. I just don't know where my room is." (I'm not sure what the difference is!)
"Let me show you. Would you like a cup of tea?"
"Tea? Okay."

So we sat and sipped tea and it tasted good. That was all. The she went back to bed.

At Crossroads we stress the importance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. I like being part of these healing moments.


  1. Yes, a moment to catch one's breath, re-orient, retrace the steps, re-set the clock of normalcy. Having helping hands helps.

  2. Wonderful story! It's good you reached out to her as now she has someone she can trust. All it takes is smile sometimes.

  3. Tea and Kindness can heal a broken heart. You are such a special person Mary.

  4. They are lucky to have you there....

  5. Rosaria, Well said. I like your perspective.

    Pat, I've been the priviledged recipient of many stories over the years.

    Nan, Tea is a great healer for people of all ages.

    M.P.Mama, I've actually thought the same thing about you and your kids.

  6. you have a wonderful talent that you are sharing with needy people........

  7. Lovely story. Those little moments of kindness can make such a difference.


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