21 November 2010

We're Not In Italy Now!

Remember when I described my long runs on Sundays in Italy on the wide walking path by the beach alongside the Adriatic? And it goes for miles, flat and paved and lovely? Well, there's no such thing in Antigua, by a long shot. So long runs, like my nine mile run this morning, get cobbled together any which way to cover the distance.

The good news was I got to run with my friend, Cassandra, who's great company and knows the roads well. The route? A combination of paved main road (but no sidewalks), dirt side roads (but it rained last night), semi-paved (don't ask!) side roads, and even a golf course for our final mile. Good thing it was Sunday and early (we started at 5:30), so not much traffic. Also, good thing it was cloudy and a passing shower cooled us , since the run took longer than we expected because of the treacherous terrain.

But somehow the effort and the obstacles faded when towards the end of the run, a full double rainbow appeared, bright and beautiful. It was the brightest and longest lasting rainbow either of us had ever seen. It was a moment of grace that lifted us up. All we talked about from that moment was how good we felt, how energized, how blessed.

And, driving back, I had a good laugh at who I shared the road with:

And later, I'm going to this beach for a swim:

I agree, I have nothing to complain about!


  1. Wow. Nice surroundings. And that water looks SSSSSOOOOOOOOO good.

  2. Nice! I bet you could swim in those waters.

  3. Another wonderful post and a wonderful adventure!
    Keep enjoying your time there.
    The photos are great!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh the pictures are so beautiful.....
    Don't you wish you had a shot of the rainbow?

  5. Lou and Rosaria, The water is so warm still that I can just walk right in and float!

    Gabriele, Your welcome. It is a grand adventure.

    Nanny, I do wish that! But I can't carry the camera when running, although I was trying to figure out how I might!

  6. Absolutely awesome! What a blessing to see that rainbow in all its glory!

  7. Wow. I love that you ended with the rainbow. A moment of grace, indeed;)


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