16 March 2011

Lucky Chicken

I want to share a wonderful story. It's a true story of a lucky chicken and her new friends. It's a story of redemption, hope and survival. It's an important story right now.

The story starts with my friend, Sheila, taking her trash to a receptacle near her home on the way to a luncheon with her friend. She was dressed in a white linen dress for the occasion. As Sheila threw in her trash, she heard a noise that she couldn't identify. She alerted her friend, who also didn't know what she was hearing. "But, we're all dressed up and going to a luncheon" pleaded her friend.

Sheila, animal lover that she is, couldn't give up once she heard that faint sound. "I'm going to see what's in there" Trash receptacles in Italy are big and tall and loaded from the top. This one was full. Sheila is maybe 5'3" (160cm). Undeterred, she started taking trash out bag by bag and item by item, determined to find what was making that sound. She had to go to the bottom, her dress ruined by then, only to find a white plastic bag tied at the top with a weak sound coming from it. 

She opened it to find a small chicken of indeterminate age with its head lolling off to the side and emitting the pitiful sound.  After she got over the shock, she could see that the chicken was dying and her heart went out to the poor creature. Sheila told her friend that she wanted to take it to her house so it could die in the open looking at the sky (and so she could change her clothes).

So, home they went, where Sheila found an old dog crate to put the chicken in to protect it while it died.  To her surprise when she came home from the luncheon, Sheila found the chicken standing up on wobbly legs and not dead at all. Unsure what to feed it, Sheila went to the local hardware store and asked. She bought what they recommended and brought it home to see if the chicken would eat. It did. And it ate daily for the next four days looking stronger and healthier each day.

On the fourth day, an amazing thing happened. The chicken, now named Hattie, laid an egg. She has laid an egg every day since, much to Sheila's delight. She moved Hattie's crate into her dogs' enclosure and they've all become fast friends. 

Hattie has filled out and grown handsome rust red feathers. She struts around the yard, follows Sheila everywhere, plays with the dogs, bosses everyone and loves her new life. 
Like I said, it's a wonderful story.


Hattie and her friends.


  1. This is so wonderful. WONDERFUL! I am always amazed at the cruelty of some and the humanity of others. Lucky chicken indeed. I love the egg laying presents. Thank you for a truly uplifting story.

  2. Great story! The chicken is repaying the debt to her life-saving friend by giving her a fresh egg daily. This made me smile on a day I needed it! Thanks for posting this story!

  3. Fabulous story! I love chickens and am so glad your friend saved this one.

  4. I think we all need a Hattie right about now.....

  5. Hattie's story warms my heart. A lovely, unexpected delight for your friend! (Love Hattie's dog buddies, too!)

  6. C.G., And all true.
    Kathie, Nice gift back isn't it?
    Linda, Well, Hattie certainly has her own personality, what my aunt used to call "real sturdly". Who knew this about chickens?
    Lauren, Glad to share her warm story with you right now. Peace to you.
    Lisa, Those dogs are the best! And just share their space with her.

  7. Great story!! I always love a story with a happy ending! Hattie is adorable!!
    Love the dogs too! :)

  8. What a great story, and what a wonderful person your friend it to have rescued her.

  9. Gabriele, Great story, great little tribe!
    Rosaria, I agree. I visit often to see them all.
    AM, Yes, Sheila's a wonderful person.

  10. I love this too! What a wonderful story. And Hattie is obviously grateful for her new family. She offers up the only gift she has in return.

  11. Patti, Nice perspective. Win- win.


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