26 March 2011

Celebrating Life Events

I already posted about running the National Breast Cancer Half Marathon with my daughter but the photos and plaque came yesterday and I am excited to share them. The plaque is my way of celebrating this significant life event. It makes me happy to see it and remember the wonderful feelings of running,  running with my daughter, and cheering for two of my nieces who walked it. What a great day and a worthy cause.

Photo at the beginning of the  Marathon and Half Marathon. There are about 10,000 participants!:

Half way through the Half Marathon there was a photographer so my daughter and I grabbed hands:

At the end of the half marathon there was a photographer so we again held hands. We were high at this point, feeling good about ourselves and glad to be running for my husband's sister, Peg. We were cheered on by so many family members who were there at the finish line:

Here's the plaque commemorating this wonderful life event. It hangs in my office with the family photos:

Loved running with you, Kelly. Loved sharing the day with you, Danielle and Marian. Thanks for all the support, dear family. Good for us!


  1. Congratulations again, Mary, and thank you for sharing this wonderful life event with me! I truly am happy for you and those other 9,999 participants! Wish I could have been one of them!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, guys!! I'm impressed!

  3. Congratulations. You should be very proud. You did a great thing and made some wonderful memories while helping others.

  4. What a terrific thing to do with your daughter. Wow.

  5. I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-Day in 2001. Twenty miles a day for three days. I spent one evening in the ER with dehydration and one day at home recupering, but I started and I finished. Ten years later, it is one of the proudest things I've ever done.

    Good for you!

  6. Hooray for you and your daughter! You know how I feel about this important cause.

  7. Big congratulations to you, Mary! It is a tremendous accomplishment, and far more important, a beautiful gift to support your sister-in-law, and all women (and a few men) who suffer from breast cancer.

  8. DJan, Join us next year- Jacksonville, FL.
    Nan, Thanks. Kelly was kind enough to slow down so I could stay with her. We had a fun time training and running.
    Rosaria and Nancy, Thank you.
    Sally, I have wonderful memories and it's such an important cause.
    Nancy, I really loved doing this with her.
    Linda, Good for you, too! Great book: "Walking: The Complete Book" by Jeff Galloway. It's an invaluable resource.
    Patti, Yes, I do. As do I and so many who were at this event. It's a good cause to support.
    Ruth, We had a friend who was a man and died from breast cancer as well as my sister-in-law, Peg. If we can do something to help, it feels good to do it.

  9. Those pictures are so moving....
    What a memory! Congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations on the race and for supporting a wonderful cause! The photos are fabulous!

  11. Kudos to you both! What an awesome mother/daughter accomplishment, especially in honor of your Peg. Congratulations!

  12. Nanny, Pat and Lisa, Thanks!


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