29 March 2011

And Now You're Five

In celebration of your birthday, my darling granddaughter,
I wanted to tell you:

5 things that I love about you.

1. I love your sweet serenity which reminds me of your Mom.

2. I love your feisty, mischievous side and your bright, sunny smile that lights up your face.
Did you know that your Dad has that same kind of smile?

3. I love your funny faces. And that you always add a touch of
glamor with jewelry or "chains" as you call your necklaces.
It's a charming combination!
Did you know I love to dress up, too?

4. I love your cute sense of style that makes me laugh. 
Did you know that your great grandmother was a stylish lady, too?

5. I love how at home you are in water and have been
since you were a baby.What great times we've had together
in the pool, the river and the ocean.
 Did you know that your, grandfather and both great grandfathers
love swimming, too?

And my 5 birthday wishes for you:

1. Your smile lights up my heart. 
I wish for you a year filled with smiles.

2. Your beautiful eyes are a gift from your other grandmother.
Eyes are said to be the windows of the soul and yours is lovely. 
I wish for you a year where your soul is nourished deeply.

3. You've grown to be such a fun girl with a thirst for
adventure and an athletic spirit. 
I wish for you a year of adventures that grow your muscles strong.

4. And now you're a student, smart and excited about learning. You dived
into reading and can't get enough of books. 
I wish for you a year where your love of learning and books
 grows and grows.

5. You tell your Mom every day how to fix your hair and you try out different styles when you dress. 
I wish for you a year of growing confidence in your opinions and your willingness to share them.

Did you know that you are very much like your Mom
when she was your age?

Happy Birthday, five year old. I'm glad you were born to our family. 
Being your grandmother is a kick. I love you.


  1. How Sweet! What a wonderful post for your precious 5 year old granddaughter....time flies by way too fast, uh? She is a little doll.

  2. Would that everybody's Grandma could be just. like. you.

  3. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us. Your granddaughter is a treasure, and your words about her will surely be treasure for years to come.

  4. She is an angel on this earth!

  5. Nanny, She's the youngest and yes, the time has flown.
    Lou, What a sweet thing to say. I love being a grandmother.
    Sally, I hope so. She's a treasure.
    Lauren, With a divilish side to keep things interesting.
    Nan, Can you believe she's 5?

  6. The three of you are so beautiful. May your granddaughter say Yes to the world, and may the world say Yes to her.

  7. Ruth, What a lovely wish. From your lips to God's ears.

  8. What a beautiful birthday message to a wonderful little girl. She gets many kinds of gifts from her mom and from you (as well as others), and it's great that you help her know herself and her connections.

  9. She is beautiful and so is your birthday tribute to her. I love this: "I wish for you a year of growing confidence in your opinions and your willingness to share them." A lovely wish for all young ladies ... and not-so-young ones, too.

  10. Nancy, Yes, the connections with our ancestors are important.
    Lisa, I agree.


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