28 May 2011

A Simple Pleasure

My variation on caprese panini:

To the usual fresh mozzarella, fresh, sweet, juicy tomatoes and fresh basil (middle shelf),

add fresh arugula liberally on open faced Italian bread lightly toasted and drizzled with olive oil:

Then, simply enjoy. Follow with fresh cherries (it's cherry season here):

Ahh, life's simple pleasures.

What's pleasurable in your life these days?


  1. Along the lines of your fresh veggie theme . . . freshly cut and steamed asparagus. Husband and I feasted on it Thursday evening.
    Also in the running:
    *a good book to read (I just finished Merle's Door)
    *hearing the birds yelling their little feathery heads off when I wake up in the morning
    *being exactly the right temperature . . . warm enough with a cool breeze

  2. Ooooo, wqe have months to wait til we have fresh tomatoes locally. Higher altitude & much farther north of your location.

    Lucky you.

  3. That open face sandwich makes me drool! Today is Farmers' Market day and I'll be checking out the local fare. Our weather has been so cold that all the fruit is delayed by about a month.

  4. Oh, that is so Italian, the picking of greens out of the window, the pulling together a simple, stunningly edible concoction, and fruit for dessert. Live On!

  5. Mmm, it looks and sounds wonderful.

  6. Oh, that looks delicious and fresh and perfect. And the cherries? Well, I can't wait til they come my way (at a decent price, that is).

    My recent pleasure? Open windows most of the day, allowing the breeze to refresh the house.

  7. The most pleasurable thing in my life lately has been freeing myself to pursue more of my curiosities.
    Ah, I miss my dad's tomato plants.~Mary

  8. June, I like your list. I'll check out the book- always looking for good ones.
    CG, Ours look strange, like pumpkins, but are delicious, sweet and juicy- like beefsteaks back in the states.
    DJan, I got the things we don't grow from our local farmer's market, too. Aren't they wonderful?
    Rosaria, It's my daily treat these days.
    Nancy, It is.
    Lisa, The cherries are fabulous just now. Enjoy your breezes.
    Mary, Free time to do what your heart desires is such a good thing.

  9. Oh, that looks delicious. Is there anything better than fresh local food served simply?

  10. Ahhhh. You have inspired me to plant an herb garden on my patio!

  11. Patti, I don't think so. I've learned that here.
    Lauren, You'll have such fun!

  12. Dang! That looks good! I have basil growing outside, too! No more excuses!

  13. Krissa, Try it. You'll like it!

  14. It looks wonderful. I can hardly wait until my herbs start getting a bit bigger.

  15. Sally, Isn't it such a pleasure to do this simple thing?


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