10 November 2011


This is offered in response to the visual prompt from Magpie Tails that can be seen here.

He wrote it on his tombstone.
MOORE. The story of his life.
He dressed it up fancy, the extra "o" and all caps. But it was always about wanting
more, more than anyone else had, more than he needed,
more than he could ever use, more than anyone wanted to give him once they knew him.
MOORE. He thought he was entitled to it,
to more, because of who he was.

He promised more, too,
in the belief that everyone wanted more,
lured them into his sticky web with visions of
more. But that kind of more can only happen
by seeing the real need for more. That more he never saw,
another's need. Never knew that obsession with his own
more blinded him to others' need, missed altogether the difference between
more and need.

He wanted it on his tombstone. MOORE.
Thought of it as his clever tongue-in-cheek epitaph to what was more important than his name.
He who dies with the most more wins. Never
caught the irony. It was on his


  1. So that's why this kept appearing in my Reader and then not being available. There is a trap in wanting more, isn't there? Thank you for this on our shared 11/11/11 magical day!

  2. Sunny, Grazie.

    DJan, A magical day indicating the importance of not staying focused on more.

  3. Really like this, lovely play around the word.
    thanks for sharing

  4. martine, Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lovely play on the word!

    Anna :o]

  6. I like what you did with this, so clever. Thank you!

  7. Wonderful! And welcome to Magpie!

  8. ds, Thanks and welcome.

    Tess, Thank you, so glad to join and hope to continue. I've found some great writing for inspiration.

  9. Such a clever and yet a sad piece. I think I may have met Mr. Moore a few times. ~Faith

  10. Faith, As have I, maybe even been him in some mad moments, but it's a sad life view even if sanctioned by our culture.

  11. Shivers at the ending irony!

  12. Ruth, I wanted to get into the swing of responding to poetic prompts to prime my poetry pump.


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