29 November 2011

Wake The Sleeping Giant

This is a poem written by my friend, Ruth, on her marvelous blog Synch-ro-ni-zing, posted on November 24 and entitled: What To Do On Thanksgiving. If you like great poetry, check out hers.

the torch
down from the wall
and bravely wake
the sleeping giant
of your soul

dormant magnificence
out of her crouching
fraction of light

hips arms and legs
into stomp
and thunder
on the dance floor of
your particular praise!

This great poem and call to action mobilized me mightily, got me meditating and writing for hours. To write in answer seemed to be a way to find my vision at this time, my dreams for the future. Ruth's poem contains two important questions:

1. Who is this sleeping giant of my soul? 
2. What do I thunder in particular praise of? 

When I was 19 years old, on a week long retreat, I had a vivid vision (not the seeing kind of vision) while praying. I tried to put it in words but it left me speechless. It was a sweeping, certain kind of  knowing that we are all one. Humans in our totality and diversity, animals as fellow creatures, protectors, and guides, all things living - trees, plants and flowers, all things in nature - mountains, land, sea and sky. All. One. And that this is the divine, the sacred, the whole, the holy. The priest on that retreat said it was heresy when I told him, but I've held that vision in my heart as a gift given to me.
It was the only vision of my life but it was enough, it's the ground of my being.

I thunder in praise of this vision

Other things I thunder in praise of:

- Knowing what makes me come alive and doing it. 

- Mining the wisdom of elders, of grandmothers, in association with other grandmothers who bring their voices to the issues of the day, who say what they see, who are the solution we're looking for.

- Working to increase real respect for women and children, to make the world better, healthier and happier for our grandchildren. Love is the way.

- The beauty of art and being near artists who present what is beautiful and true.

Who is my sleeping giant? She likes:

- To move, to hike, to run, and to live in a beautiful place.

- To read and have some people with whom to discuss what I read.

- To write and be in community with other writers, including poets, who like to share their work.

- To raise plants, care for them, propagate them and learn more about local ones.

- To eat local food raised organically and sustainably while living lightly on the land.

- To walk a spiritual path in fellowship with other seekers and to find ways to be of service.

- To gather the young women of my family yearly to foster deepening bonds, family healing and remain a part of the lives of these amazing Dear Ones.

- To love John in new ways and enjoy the company of others in long-term committed relationships who share and encourage one another.

- To live in a community of people who are awake, aware, alive. A community characterized by respect, kindness, attention and courage, who share resources in some way, and where individual strengths are enhanced. A diverse community, multi-racial, multi-cultural, men and women, old and young (lots of kids), gay and straight. A creative community.

- To have more contact with Kelly, Carl and the grands. To live in community with them. To have their strengths, skills and perspectives in my community. To help home school the grands.

Some of what emerged surprised me (like the last two), some is familiar but comes together in a new way. I'll sit with it and let it percolate some more. I've summarized here but there are pages of writing. My friend, Nancy, over at Life in the Second Half who agrees the revolution is love, has been asking for awhile about drawing together a community and I was intrigued but didn't feel the tug toward it until now. I have no idea how this will manifest but the energy is flowing.
What if we all woke our sleeping giant and stirred our dormant magnificence?                                                        


  1. sleeping? I don't know - but it doesn't seem to me like your "giant" is asleep at all. No. That's not the impression I get. At all.

  2. I sat in front of the computer after having read this, trying to think of an appropriate response, but nothing came. I read it all again, and the only thing that seems right is to applaud. I'm applauding and smiling at the same time. Kudos!

  3. Your 19-year-old-self's vision is wonderful, wonderful. I am so very glad that you still have it, still feel it.

  4. Fascinating. Clearly you are not ready to rest on your laurels!

  5. I admire your spirit and your vitality. Go for it!

  6. Oh what a tremendous post, and response to the Thanksgiving poem. I feel something stirring in me as I read and contemplate what happened in you; could it be my own giant soul responding to yours?

    There is something so incredibly powerful about this inventory you took. But it began when you were 19! The epiphany you experienced (and ecstasy, I think?) is something no one can conjure (though many try), but is transformative, as you show. Then, something clicked in you when you read my poem. Your sleeping giant was so ready to stir and rise up! Then to explore her as you have, with such depth and attention, is truly to respect and nurture the ground within you. I see the soul like a log in the wood stove, and the spirit is the flame that burns that fuel. For you to recognize these things within you that drive you is to feel love and desire to express in all the ways you've listed! It is thrilling.

    People think they should do this, or that. The thing is, if they would only connect (didn't EM Forster say that?), they would find the energy within to do just what their soul wants, and it is nearly effortless when done out of love and passion!

    OK, I could go on and on. I wish we could sit together and chat.

    Thank you.

  7. Lou, Bless you. It's not that I was asleep but that I truly woke up more. It actually feels enormous and important to me. If not asleep to awake, at least new stirrings.

    DJan, I think what we do for each other is to witness our unfolding, see where it resonates for us and/or give encouragement, as you have. Thanks.

    June, It got tapped into by this poem which somehow got me excited and focused. It was a great gift and this time I came to see it as the ground of my being.

  8. Nancy, No, things are afoot, clearly. Stay tuned.

    Gigi, The direction isn't clear just yet but I'm grateful for the dawn.

  9. Ruth, Thank you for the depth of your listening to what I tried to say. I pictured us sitting and talking over a cup of tea as I read. Yes, the experience of my 19yr old self although it got squelched for a time because of the priest's response, was an ecstatic epiphany. And it got triggered again by your poem in a dramatic way. It was ready, things have been brewing. I appreciate the image of the wood stove. The spirit is burning! To have a clearer view of what my soul wants, what it loves, what it is moving towards is thrilling. Even though I don't know how these things will manifest, my friend annee says that part is not my business. Energy is flowing though!

  10. Very interesting. I want to explore this. I think at times I am afraid to wake that sleeping giant. I think it is helpful to have those others in our lives that help draw out who and what the sleeping giant is.


  11. Sally, Yes, sometimes a friend calls it forth. But once it sticks it head out anew, I'm compelled to get to know her better. We can support each other when it gets scary.

  12. Mine has been waking up since August. Things, they are a-happening!

  13. Lauren, I got excited for you reading this. I'd like to hear more.

  14. I love the image of you that I get in my mind, "thundering in praise" and how much of a force you are in your thunder. Listen, listen and hear Mary. Gives me shivers.

  15. I just love everything about this post! The call is loud and clear now - no more can we ignore it. We are here to use our gifts. I think you had a shamanic vision. Have you read The Way of the Shaman, by Michael Horner? I attended a shamanic workshop while in Hawaii but had to leave because of an annoying cough. As I was leaving a man handed me this book and I realized I needed to read it before attending another workshop - but it talks about everything you envisioned! The Shamans are being called back into service, I think - only in a very modern way. Terrific post!

  16. Judith, It means the world to me that you read my blog and that you support me and my voice. I love you.

    Nancy, We are here to use our gifts- together. I'm familiar with Harner and after his workshop I was strengthened to reclaim my 19 year old's vision which was hidden away in my heart up to then and shared only with my Honey up to then. He has taken up the study of Celtic Shamanism.

  17. looks like we will have LOTS to talk about!!
    this is what i would love to do for my children which means this is really what i need to do for me. for them, i would like to help that giant never sleep....i wanted to say they are so much closer to their connection but that is not true....we are all close because that spirit is within us all but perhaps it is just that their calling has had less chance to be squelched and i would love to do all in my power to keep their connections open, awake, alive. and the only way i can do that is to keep my connections open, awake, alive, to hear the call, trust the call and follow the call. i love hearing of your process. my deepest call right now is knowing that i am living in the right place. i don't know a whole lot else but it feels good to know that =)!! I LOVE YOU!!

  18. Kelly, Right now your energy is focused on where to be and you're honoring that. For the rest, you'll follow your energy. Me too. And yes, we have lots to talk about. I'm eager to be with you. Hugs and love galore!

  19. Beautiful, thoughtful, rich and spiritual. Love your thoughts about creativity and our call to not only enrich ourselves but others creativity too. At this age I celebrate the wisdom that comes with all the experience, the roads we have walked and the people we have met. I love your blog and your musing while looking inward.

  20. Katherine, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. This was sparked by Ruth's poem and surprised me as it sprung forth. Writing helps me access myself in a unique way somewhat like talking does at other times.


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