02 September 2012


Full moon shone light
on the balcony last night,
heat shimmers wavered
from earth that's summer baked,
lights of a far off city flickered
between bright and faint glimmer.

The air felt rooted,
somehow expectant.
For what? I lost concord
with moon force
when body alliance moved
to sun's heat from moon's cool.

Am I kept marooned, bereft
of this forty year connection,
left to find fresh ways to ferret
earth wisdom? I search, detect
accords unknown, now emerged
with deeper light, shifted yet effulgent.

I experimented with the form of this poem based on a prompt at the beginning of August and posted it as Moon Phases. This is the original poem inspired again by the full, blue moon.
(photo from google images)


  1. So lovely to think of the air being rooted. Very very nice. k.

    1. We rely on words to try and say what is beyond them so we can connect with each other and communicate ourselves. Sometimes it works.

  2. somehow, mary, for me it is so much more poignant posted at the beginning of september, as though this moon force now is so much more important and pivotal then the moon force of a month ago, all of us leaning into the balance of the changes to come))) my favorite time of year, that is, besides winter:)

    i am reading some spanish translations right now by james wright. your poem pulls me back to the elusive shifts of some of these poems.


    1. The air shifted today bringing the first glimpse of fall. I like how you said leaning into the balance of the changes- feels close to what I seek.
      I'm learning a new language which inevitably brings more awareness of my own language and to a renewed love affair with words and their subtleties.

  3. i rather like the struggle in that last stanza and the emerging from it as well...lots packed into that...and interesting on the form...will have to check that out...

    1. Oh, these phases! I wasn't entering and emerging to still be going on at my age but here it is!

    2. Make that I wasn't anticipating entering and emerging…!

  4. Love the metaphor. Each day brings a new surprise, isn't it?

  5. I really like this one a lot.

    The second stanza is my favorite, but I love the way the words fit together over the whole thing.

    1. Thanks, A., and thanks for your interest and comments.


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