08 November 2012

The Castle of Dromore - A Lullaby

Often when I read Ruth's blog, Washed Stones, I am inspired. Today in reading "November Honors- a Lullaby" I thought of an old Irish lullaby called "The Castle of Dromore" or "The October Winds". This one is sung by Maureen Hegarty. Maybe it's just me but a lullaby for us all at this time seems right. The relief of the election being decided to move us forward, not backward. The enormity of the task before us in rebuilding our Nation's coalition, which is like a new born in some ways and calls me to sing soothing encouragement. Maybe it's just that my neighbor's daughter had her first child last night and I'm filled with the fragile - miracle awe that new life inspires. Either way, I offer it for you to enjoy and hum along because sometimes we all just need a lullaby.


The Castle of Dromore 

The October winds lament
Around the Castle of Dromore,
Yet peace is in its lofty halls,
My loving treasure store.
Though autumn leaves may droop and die
A bud of spring are you.
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.

Bring no ill winds to hinder us,
My helpless babe and me,
Dread spirit of Blackwater banks,
Clan Owen's wild banshee.
And Holy Mary pitying us
In heav'n for grace doth sue.

Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.

Take time to thrive, my rose of hope,
In the garden of Dromore.
Take heed, young eagle, till your wings
Are feathered fit to soar.
A little rest and then the world
Is full of work to do. 

Sing hush-a-bye loo, la loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye loo, la lo.


  1. Oh. Oh. So perfectly you have picked up my spirit and walked on. Sweet melancholy this gorgeous song. The haunting Irish spirit is just right for this worn times. A little rest, oh thank god we can rest now for a bit with the results of our election. But yes there is much work to do, not the least of it in me.

    1. And in us all. I loved singing this to my daughter as an infant and then to the grands- take time to thrive, my rose of hope...

  2. wow...pretty amazing lullaby, that...i hope that rose of hope does thrive...smiles.

    and i know the time is much better than anything i can purchase for the boys...summer will be better...and next year as well...this year at school is really about proving myself...meaning i get paid next to nothing...and the evenings are for me to go to school to get my full license so i can get an actual contract next year...plus i can work a secondary job and still finish my classes in the summer....its just making it there...smiles..6 more months...

    1. I admire you for doing all you're doing to get what you need to have a better life for you and your family, Brian. Bless you and I hope you thrive. Work, school, fathering, writing- you have a full life. I wish you the best in your pursuits and I say: BRAVO!


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