30 June 2012

Square Poem About My Grandson (Who's Cute as a Button)

Grandson   stands      across            the            room              filled

stands        future       lights             eyes          bright             within

across        lights       from              ancestors    generations    shine

the             eyes       ancestors        dreamed      embodied      now

room         bright     generations     embodied     in                  him

filled         within     shine               now            him               alight

I would write the poem like this:

Grandson stands across the room, filled,

stands, future lights eyes bright within,

across lights from ancestors generations shine,

the eyes ancestors dreamed embodied now,

room bright, generations embodied in him

filled within, shine now, him alight.

This came in response to a prompt from dVerse Poets for a square poem, which has the same number of words as lines and reads the same across and down. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline by two hours since I have my grandson visiting me in Italy from Trinidad for the first time by himself and he keeps me busy. Plus it was a difficult type of poem to write. But todays prompt is button (hosted by Brian) and my grandson's cute as a button so I'll submit it under that guise and hope for latitude!

24 June 2012

The New Normal

Recently I saw an ad for a new TV show entitled The New Normal. Although I don't know exactly what the show will be about since I came in at the end of the ad it has to do with families. It got me thinking about my family. Our new normal embraces Liz and Sada's marriage, Judith and Kim's marriage, Kelly and Trinidadian Carl's marriage, their bi-cultural and biracial children, the un-degreed to a PhD, a grand-nephew on the autistic spectrum, a post- MVA disabled niece, divorced, remarried and blended families, an ex-con who turned his life around, couples living together, step children, fostered children, nearly adopted children and a 95 year old at the helm cheering for all of us. Whew! So the eight (for now) great-grands get to experience this new normal and we all get to be enriched by our fabulous diversity. I love my family! The new normal is nothing to fear!

12 June 2012

Farmers of the Heart

I love Rumi's words and the tree of life that results. Do that to which I'm devoted, spend time with those to whom I'm devoted and reap the heart rewards. Sums up this month with family beautifully.

05 June 2012

Time with Cousins

Getting together with cousins is one of the fun things that happens on our summer vacations in Florida. My daughter (and I, of course) get to spend time with and catch up with whatever US cousins are available. Now their kids (eight of them) get to build friendships in their generation. I carve out time with my sister-in-law as we keep up with and support each other and feel glad for the friendships thriving in the next two generations.

My daughter and her cousin (with more cousins to arrive later):

Their daughters (at The Little Mermaid show):

Cousins and best friends (in their new shades at Hollywood Studios park):

04 June 2012

Scared Silly

The photo speaks for itself. My daughter, niece, grandson and I decided to brave the Rockin Roller Coaster in Disney's Hollywood Studio's Park that shot us forward at rocket speed, spun us upside down and all around while playing Arrowsmith in speakers by our ears. That was one wild ride!

03 June 2012

Making Memories

Both the grands wanted to visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World first so off we went for a full day of memories. Seeing the world through 9 and 6 year old eyes is so utterly fun. It maybe too simplistic - hero or villain- or hold too few options- pirate or princess- but that's for adolescence to discover. For now, the grands loved every minute and I got into the magic of this particular kingdom: the shows, the characters, the rides (I was the designated roller coaster rider with my grandson and really liked that role!) and the amazing friendliness and attention to detail that Disney excels in. What a blast we had! Favorite rides for the 9 year old- Space Mt. and Thunder Mt., for the 6 year old- the Tea Cups and Splash Mt., favorite for them both together- Buzz Lightyear. My favorite- watching the grands thoroughly enjoy themselves. Oh, and me too.

02 June 2012

The Vacation Begins

Daughter and grands landed, faces painted, hair braided, soccer game played (blow up ball), baggage cart ride, train shuttled, meal eaten and we hadn't even left the airport. Great start!