24 December 2013

Holiday Blessings

These are flowers from my daughter's yard going to various friends for Christmas. They grow wild here with their vivid reds and oranges so perfect for the holidays. They are being sent to you virtually to wish you holiday good cheer and many blessings.

For the Solstice last night I had a ceremony with my family. We lit candles aginst the dark of the longest night of the year and to call in the light. It was lovely and brings the wish for love and light in your life this coming year.

p.s. For those who wondered what the two surprises were from my granddaughter (age 7) that she was so excited about, I now know. The first (the "small" surprise) was a note she wrote welcoming us to Trinidad - very sweet and warmed my heart. The second (the "decorating" surprise) is that she moved into her own bedroom which she also decorated by herself. Looks great and I've been conscripted to help finish the organizing- should be fun. May your surprises bring you joy.


  1. smiles...love your little note...made me smile...
    i hope you have a wonderful holidays
    filled with love and warmth...

    1. Merry Christmas! oy, announced it...ha. it was my youngest...and my oldest (11) has never come ut and said he doesnt believe...and my youngest kept saying "i know who gave me this," oy...lol

  2. Thank you for the wishes for the coming year. I love the note, and the lovely relationship you have together. What fun! Best wishes to you and yours, Mary. :-)

  3. What a special note from your granddaughter. That is a keeper & something that makes Christmas all the more special. Blessings to you, Mary.

  4. oh that is lovely... full of warmth and light... have a great time with your fam and wishing you a blessed christmas...and the flowers are so very beautiful..

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time is being had by all! Thanks for the virtual light and color! Merry merry! K.

  6. hope the new year is treating you well....smiles.

  7. Ahh, that note! It stirs my heart so much. I hope you are having a glorious time in T & T, and walking or running among the flowers.

  8. I'm glad you are having fun, I love you guys. :)


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