23 July 2010

Let's Dance

Some of my nieces are seriously into physical fitness and set up various activities for our family week together. Makes me realize how fun fitness can be. Today, for instance, we did Zumba with a personal trainer. It's a great combo of aerobics and dancing. She cranked up the volume of the CD played through her truck speakers and we boogied! The steps were simple but challenging and we danced to 5 different lively songs. I run 3 times weekly and amuse myself by listening to a combination of music and talks by interesting authors on my I-Pod, but this was just fun! Try it- when a catchy tune comes on the radio, get up and dance! See if it doesn't lift your mood.

p.s. The grandchildren, in a rare decision,  decided to watch despite the invitation to join in. Usually, we can't keep them still!


  1. That definitely looks like fun. What a great idea for a family activity!

  2. What a fun way to stay in shape! The children are enjoying an improptu performance by adults.

  3. Sounds like fun. I could not fail to notice that all of the participants were women. Figures. And you, my friend, look pretty terrific.

  4. As one of the less fitness-inclined in the family, I can happily report that it was super fun! And I have not sweated so much in forever.
    But what a fun way to share each other's company!


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