24 July 2010

The Importance of Aunties

During our family gathering, the various nieces and nephews (grandchildren to the 2 crones) have access to 8 aunties (there are 9 altogether) for endless entertainment, constant companionship and general dancing attendance on their every request. They obviously revel in one another and it's also obviously good for all involved. New people to interact with and learn from, new expectations to respond to, new games or activities to engage in. The energy (and noise) level goes way up and the fun times roll.  Parents get a break and grandparents aren't the only alternatives to them. Mornings become "let's pounce the aunties" to start the day with giggles and hilarity.

Next to my parents, my aunt Franny (out of 6 aunts) was the most important person in my younger years and I loved her dearly. She opened  a world to me different than my parents' world. She was influential in such a good way in my life. I think of her when I see this 4th generation cavorting with their aunties. I wonder which will be the life-changing relationship for each of them. Hooray for aunties!


  1. Definitely, aunties and uncles provide the eyes and ears to the bigger world out there. Add cousins and nephews, and life is sweet.
    You must be so happy to have everyone visiting and getting along so well.

    Are the children living in Italy?

  2. I had but one aunt. But she was worth a boatload.

  3. I second that "hooray"! My Aunt Marie became a surrogate mother to me when I lost my own.

  4. Aunts played such a big role in my life. I just attended my mother's sister's funeral on Monday. Two of my great-aunts were in attendance and if I ever needed an ego lift - all I needed was to see them. There is something really wonderful about people who are genuinely delighted to see you - even at a funeral. And something special about people who remember you as a child. I had no idea they always thought of me as a happy child, but I was told that over and over. It was probably because of all of those doting Aunties.


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