02 July 2010

We, The People

My friend, Ruth, over in Rumi Days and Sychronizing, wrote a thoughtful post today called: "It's a Puzzle." It got me to thinking about her observation that America is broken, needing reassembling into a whole again like a puzzle.

I've been living abroad in Italy for 1 year now and have started to see things from a different perspective and see our brokeness as a bigger phenomenon. We, the people, still see ourselves as separate pieces, whether states or parties in America or countries or religions world-wide, and that our job is to strengthen our separate pieces.

Surely our common good is instead furthered by our coming together. That the myth of borders in only that. That the way we become whole is to join together, not allow ourselves to be defined as separate. That the future, not just of America, but of all the world, is made secure when we, the people, find ways to unite, break down our barriers, treat one another with loving kindness and become whole. We, the people, do this one compassionate act at a time. So, let's do this together!

To all Americans, wherever you are, from my little corner of the world,
have a truly happy Fourth of July.


  1. I have been reading newspaper reports and other things from the late 1800's. Civil War and later. It struck me, after a while, that the reports of that day only differed for the way in which the language is used. So much of what I read could have been written yesterday, and not over 100 years ago. Crime. Politics. Dirty dealing in business. Every man for himself. Corruption. The U.S. has ALWAYS been broken. It's been an unending and constant effort at patching and fixing that has kept it going. Keeps it going. Because for all of the broken stuff, there has been 'good stuff' right alongside, keeping company, preventing the rents and tears in the fabric of us from becoming total rips. The glue. The thread that holds us together.

    There's a saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same." That's neither good nor bad. It just is.

    Happy 4th of July, Mary. To you and yours.

  2. I have to say I agree with Lou. That's what makes America be America. The ability to bend, flux and flow. Handle all the blows one at a time and deal with them, not just shuffle it under the rug.
    Very thought provoking post, my dear!

  3. Maybe so and the loving kindness will only help. Thanks, Lou, for the felicitations- and a special one with gratitude for your service to you.

  4. Krissa, your post and my answer to Lou hit at the same time! Yes, I have to believe that the "glue" Lou talks about is also there and holds us together if we just acknowledge it. To say there's brokenness is not to say there's not also the groundswell for wholeness.

  5. What you say has merit. I wonder if you will address the way the countries of Western Europe do or do not get along? Close friends of mine, originally raised in Switzerland, come back from there each year telling us what people there think of the US. It was dismal during the Bush years. They said people were elated when Obama was elected. What now, I wonder? I think every country has its share of criticism, deserved or generalized. I just wonder if European countries get along better, as a whole, than does ours. The U.S. is so large. Some of our states are like small countries, aren't they? Ever been to Texas? he he

  6. Wonderful message for the 4th and for any day.

  7. CA girl- Texas, only briefly, but I lived in CA for 14 years- one of the world's biggest economies!
    In Europe, the opinion of USA did improve with the election of Obama from what I've seen. And the pragmatic attitude from these countries with their millenia of history still seems to be wait more than not even 2 years and see how he can improve things against the mighty obstacles he faces.
    And the EU- many problems getting along! It's a bigger challenge than just the USA.

  8. A great message. We are global citizens whether we know it or not. When we are conscious of it, we do a better job at being GOOD citizens.

  9. We've put our poor planet in a real mess. Yet I hold tight to my belief that we are working to find microbes to eat the oil, to create peaceful enclaves--only enclaves?--and that our grandchildren will have as beautiful a world as your gorgeous photo of Italy. We are creative, resourceful and whole.

  10. Blissed-out Grandma, We ARE global citizens or need to be.
    Reed, From your lips to God's ears! And I see my daughter and her friends and hold to your beliefs as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I agree with Lou. There is just so much greed everywhere you look. Nearly every bad consequence in politics, the corporate word, society can trace its roots back to greed. How is it that someone who plays baseball or manages a company into bankruptcy and corruption is worth millions of dollars in compensation while so many people are suffering?

    We the people should hang our heads in shame.

    I can't imagine what it's like to be in another country on the 4th, but I hope it is a good one for you and yours, Mary.

  12. Don't you think we can turn this around? "Society" is us! We really are the world. Really.
    BTW, thanks, Patti! I'm in Ireland with cousins and having a great time!

  13. What you wrote reminds me of something my brother said this weekend at the lake, that whatever we do with family problems, individually, to get through our individual pains, is also done in the context of the community of family. You are spot on, I think, that we keep falling into the separateness trap. We have to value our differences, together. This is definitely a new era, when other nations will lead us through the crises of the world, and also individuals who have a lot of money!

  14. I would like to believe we could turn it around. But we keep supporting the greed though our purchases, our elections, our entertainment choices. And we rail at our elected officials every time they try to help the needy. My daughter is a teacher, as I think you know. Towns all over MA are rejecting an override of Proposition 2-1/2, which prohibits tax increases over 2-1/2%. Meanwhile, some municipal employees are enjoying retirement payments larger than their salaries were for most of their working years while teachers (teachers!) are being laid off because of lack of funds to pay them.

    I am disheartened.


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