25 August 2010

Our Granddaughters' Future

I was watching my granddaughter and her new best friend in Italy play with her brother's squirt guns. They squirted each other for a few shots but quickly turned to squirting the flowers and plants on the balcony, squirting the ground in pretty patterns, squirting the windows in earnest, even asking for paper towels so they could clean the windows!  They used his skateboard to taxi their bubbles and their dolls back and forth before laying on them like a surfboard and scooting around with their hands. The girls have enjoyed themselves and their activities for days now. We had the music going in the car one day when we were outside and caught them laughing and dancing in a free-spirited dance to Shakira's "Waka Waka"!

It brought up the discussion once again about the nature vs. nurture question re: girls and boys and me noting the differences once again if not coming to firm conclusions about their source. I remember having these discussions with my friends when my daughter was growing up and here they are again with my grandchildren. These sweet little girls in front of me making their innocent choices and being happy in the process if not genetically driven.

This got serendipitously linked to the post a few days ago from Patti at "PattiKen and The Muses" entitled The Choice. It's a heartbreaking, horrific, true story that is bound up in fundamentalism, fear of women and punitive, restrictive and lethal approaches to those who disagree or make alternative choices, usually women, but, in this case, a man also. I realize the inherent complexities of these issues and the lack of understanding I might have as an outsider but her message got heightened by my granddaughter and her friend- girls now, future women. What can we do to ensure their future choices, their right to make decisions and have them respected by the society they live in, their right to develop their abilities and express themselves in their unique personal way.

How can we together make sure this is the society we create for all our granddaughters, the only one we allow for all our granddaughters?


  1. I wish I had a good answer.... I'm pretty sure that sending troops to fight endless wars is not the answer, but it's the one we keep trying. Sad.

  2. Sadly, I have nothing to offer, but what I tell my own daughter...and her twin brother: You can make a difference. Always act for a greater good. Beautiful post.....

  3. Beautiful post, Mary. If more people are able to look past the differences to see the beauty as you do, the world cannot help but change. You know that your grandchildren will be a part of that change, as I hope mine will.

    And thank you so much for the link to my blog.

  4. That was lovely! You are so right! And the best thing you can do is to nurture these bright young minds and teach them from an early time, the right way to BE. Tolerant. Accepting. Loving.

  5. Grandma, Sad indeed that we lack both creativity and compassion.
    MP Mama, I like what you tell your children.
    Patti, From your lips to God's ears.
    Krissa, Yes, it's all about that.
    I'm grateful to my wise blog friends.


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