17 August 2010

Happy 37th!

To celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary, my husband and I, together with our visiting daughter and grandchildren, hiked to a wonderful waterfall, walked through a river to get there, found a cave along the way, and swam in a natural "cisterna" pool at the foot of the waterfall. It was a great day in the mountains filled with the kind of fun things that kept delighting all of us of every age- the insects, birds, wild flowers, abundant trees shading us  from the hot sun and then hot sun by the river after dunking in the cold mountain water.

And where do you eat to celebrate a 37th anniversary in Italy when your grandchildren are visiting? You go out for pizza, of course. We went to a place where my daughter (who has celiac disease) could order gluten free pizza right off the menu. It was a first for her and a real treat. When I decided to wear a dressy dress anyway even though it was a pizza restaurant,  it reminded me of my whole decision struggle with 1 vs. 2 piece bathing suits at age 64.

A big decision in the land of mostly 2 piece bathing suits - whether or not to get one... and then whether or not to wear one... and then whether or not to post the photo if I was in the 2 piece bathing suit. But, it's one of the lessons of Italy- land of "our bodies, ourselves", bodies of all size, bodies of all ages, let them be as they are and let them play in the sun. Kind of freeing so I'm going with it!

And, as for 37 years with my Honey- I'm so very grateful for those years, with John, in love. I'm grateful for the adventures, for the personal and couple growth we've been graced to experience. I say in my "about me" section of the blog that who I looked for was a strong and mighty oak but who I found was the clear blue sky. I'm glad I got over myself, recognized the gift I was offered and scooped it up eagerly. That was a good decision! The sweet times, the hard times, the heartbreaks became our life story as we embraced them together. I love our life.

Thanks for the memories, Dear One. Thanks for loving me, our daughter and our grandchildren as you do. You're my teacher as well as my lover. I'm grateful.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You two look lovely together. That can be said for you and your husband - and for both pieces of your bathing suit.

  2. The two of you make a smashing couple! Congrats on 37 years of togetherness; it would seem that you are both very lucky.

  3. Congrats to you!!! An accomplishment truly, and a marriage I learn from...peace!

  4. This is a nice piece of writing about many things, not the least of which is how you feel in a two piece bathing suit. I am overly sensitive about my body and my flab which, after 5 months of a strenuous weight lifting & cardio program, is coming around and looking damn good but in no way fulfills the fantasy of my 18 year old self, I wish I could say "fuck it" and just let it all hang out.

    Happy Anniversary! 37 years is no small feat. We celebrate 36 next January and I cannot believe it. I'll be heading towards the 40th before I have grandchildren so many happy returns.

  5. Happy anniversary! Such a lovely couple, obviously made for each other. I wish you many more years of the happiness and love you share.

    I laughed about the crisis of indecision about the 2-piece bathing suit. I went through a similar "do I, don't I, do I, am I crazy" about joining the other topless women on a Caribbean beach years (many, many years) ago. Ultimately I did, and then was a little crushed when no one noticed.

  6. B-O Grandma, Thanks and yes, very lucky!
    Andrea, I guess it is an accomplishment but it has felt like a gift!
    CA Girl, Good for you for the work-out thing (I run 3 times a week). I actually said: WTF- go for it! Try it, you'll like it! Thanks for the congrats and back at ya for your own. Grandkids add some fun, for sure!
    Patti, Thank you for the sweet wishes. Topless is next and the effect will probably be the same but it's for us! (and maybe our Honeys!)

  7. That is SO beautiful! I was very touched and really connected with what you were saying, as my own John and I feel the same way! We were just talking recently about where the last 20 years of married life have taken us and wondering where the next 20 will. We are sure we will be together, though!
    I can't imagine a better way to spend a 37th anniversary.... or ANY anniversary for that matter!

  8. Is that Kamala's bikini? Just kidding! It's great to hear such joy come through in your words and the see the love come through in your pictures. Makes me smile my Big Smile =D

  9. Beautiful post...and what a tribute to a wonderful 37 years...acknowledging the entirety. Many more to come! xoxo, Lauren

  10. Thanks, Krissa! Good for us!
    Judah, Smiling with you and feeling grateful.
    MP Mama, Thanks for the longevity wishes!

  11. You are something to aspire to! Happy anniversary!


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