17 June 2011

From: Body Intelligence (by Rumi)

There are guides
who can show you the way.
Use them.

But they will not satisfy your longing.
Keep wanting the connection with presence
with all your pulsing energy.

The throbbing vein
will take you further
than any thinking.

Muhammed said, Do not theorize
about essence. All speculations
are just more layers of covering.
Human beings love coverings.

They think the designs on the curtains
are what is being concealed.

Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Do not claim them. Feel the artistry
moving through, and be silent.



  1. "be silent."
    Yes, that is what's needed.

  2. Lauren, When I was in Rome I saw this turtle and I couldn't imagine what he was doing but it looked like he was doing it with his whole body!
    Rosaria, Anch'io.
    June, Just like my guide, the turtle.

  3. I like Rumi's poetry. Wonderful photo!

  4. Oh the photo is a tremendous thing to pair with this poem. I love your comment to Lauren. Imagine if we lived this way every moment.

  5. Sally, Thanks.
    Pat, Me, too.
    Ruth, Yes, what a great way to live. Turtle has been my guide for a long while. I've been looking for the right poem to put with this photo since February.

  6. Love that photo. The being silent part is often the hardest part. Always such a need to discuss and fill the silence.

  7. Lisa, Being silent is difficult but provides the space for wisdom to creep in.

  8. That is truly beautiful. I am going to go back and re-read it....


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