15 June 2011

What's Happening

The begonias are pert and sassy strutting their beauty along my balcony railing.

The hot peppers are flourishing as well growing long, full and spicy. Yet they hide. 
How many can you find?

I'm eating olives every day from my province of Abruzzo. I never knew olives could taste so fresh. They still carry stories of their tree life and they feed them to me.

The doors are always open now. The colors of new couch cushions' flowers make me smile. Six different coleus plants sit on every available surface with changing colors 
to surprise me and keep me alert.
I sleep on summer bright sheets that even brighten my dreams 
while the pillow from Antigua makes them hotter.

The days are fine enough to melt mountain snow that tries to hold on. A message?

What's happening in your little corner of the world?


  1. How beautiful! I counted at least eight peppers, had to look... Our days are gorgeous and cool, with yesterday's temperature only reaching 61; today is a little warmer, maybe mid-sixties with sun and fluffy clouds. My hike tomorrow should be beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! There are at least 6 big peppers and I do believe some smaller ones as well.
    I have always loved blue and green together. Your bed looks so inviting. As for that matter, so does your armchair and adorable little side table!

  3. I've been digging in the dirt and trying to get the yard shaped up. I have much more to do, but it is satisfying, healthy work.

    I must take a short leave of absence. I will be flying to Utah tomorrow for time with children and grandchildren.

  4. DJan, I see 11! Enjoy your hike and the warmth.
    Krissa, Here in Italy sheets don't match, they coordinate. I love it. Yes, the chair is my favorite reading chair indoors.
    Sally, Enjoy your kids and grandkids! We'll be here when you return with your stories.

  5. Nobody's life is perfect but yours sounds pretty good! I love the chair upholstery. Is it chintz? I want to do our upstairs which has a grey blue carpet in too good of shape to rip out, with yellow walls & flowery English chintz upholstery. I think it will be lovely. Our upstairs bedroom is HUGE & we use it as a combination tv room, office & bedroom. It's rather like a studio apt w/o the kitchen. Your home looks lovely & comfy. That is our goal too. I sure do hope we get to Tuscany in the next few years so my husband can see it.

  6. It's not warm enough for hot peppers or any peppers. Our warmest temps in summer will hover around 70F with cool winds in the evenings.
    Peas and fava and spinach and chard are all doing great.

  7. I love begonias. Yours look far better than mine, though. My corner of the world? Dry and record-breaking heat. Which makes the photos of your cool and peaceful home all the more inviting!

  8. May I just say that you always have the most fabulous photographs!! It's always such a pleasure to visit here!

  9. CG, I love my life. The material is like chintz and ties the two sofas together. What you're proposing for your upstairs sounds perfect. There are such pretty fabrics available. Tuscany is two provinces over from me and it's a treasure.
    Rosaria, I love fava and chard. Fava harvests first here announcing the growing season has begun in earnest. Do you miss the sun and warmth?
    Lisa, They just thrive on my balcony which faces south. They started as 65 cent, 3 inch babies.
    Gabriele, Thanks, there just photos I take of my everyday life.

  10. So beautiful....life over here is unfolding into summer as well. Such blessings.

  11. It's been raining a lot and everything is growing like crazy. Especially the grass. And we all know how much i liek yardwork.

  12. Oh your plants, peppers and colors are wonderful. So bright and cheerful.
    Now those olives...oh my they look delicious. I use to have a friend who lived in California and he would bring us a gallon of the biggest best olives every time he came to visit. (with seeds) I would just make myself sick I ate so many.

  13. Lauren, Blessings galore.
    Lou, Local kids out of school might be looking for some extra cash!
    Nanny, Of course with pits and of course delicious!

  14. Thank you for sharing your little piece of Italian paradise. I'm hoping that in the fall of 2012 (September or October), we can come sample a bit of it "up close and personal."

    P.S. I love the flowered chair!


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