30 June 2011

The Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens in Paris proved delightful on one of my days in Paris. It's the second largest park in Paris and, on a sunny summer day, it was crowded with people of all ages luxuriating in this gorgeous outdoor space. I thought I would take a walk in a nice park but ended up spending all day in this unique and wonderful place.

The original palace is still there setting the stage. It now houses the French Senate and this is their garden that they generously share with the public.

The pond and fountain in front.

Flowers are everywhere, every color imaginable and bordering all the lawns.

One of the things that impressed me were the amazing statues and sculptures in lovely settings all through the gardens. Benches and chairs were plentiful providing comfortable seats to rest and enjoy.

The close up on this one shows the natural surroundings that enhance all the statues.

This one, embedded in the rocks and plantings, looks so real, like a man being born.

This one is of a couple enjoying their baby in a tender family moment.

These children and their mother are also caught in that spontaneous moment of joy. I love the various pinks in the flowers.

A tribute to Chopin tucked in a wooded grove.

I couldn't find who this was but it looked like Bacchus reveling.

I noticed young children stopping and looking at the many sculptures in between playing their games on the lawns. It's all part of their environment- historical buildings, amazing art, natural beauty, open spaces carefully tended that incorporate it all and is available to them. It's a lovely legacy.


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful garden, and those amazing sculptures with me, who cannot be with you in Paris. This is an acceptable substitute... sort of! :-)

  2. This was beautiful. Thanks for the tour.

  3. How gorgeous. Absolutely love the sculptures...

  4. Lovely place - and pictures. Paris. On the bucket list, surely.

  5. DJan, Oh no, you must see it in person!

    Sally, You're welcome!

    TB, Me too.

    Lauren, I felt very special.

    Lou, Worth being on your bucket list, surely.

  6. I do hope to visit Paris one day! Beautiful garden and sculptures. I could wander there for hours.

  7. I like Paris. But personally, I love where you live in Italy better.

  8. Pat, I did. It captured me.

    Linda, So do I. I realize it each time I return from my visits. Im grateful.

  9. Lovely flowers and stunning sculptures. I can see why you'd spend an entire day strolling through the space. I especially like the sculpture of the couple with their baby. Sweet.

  10. Lisa, The family sculpture was sweet indeed.


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