11 December 2011

Buried Alive

It's not like setting fire to the rain
as Adele sang when she jettisoned
her guy and friends cheered
images of mystery and catharsis
with symphony accompaniment.

It's more like being buried alive
in sand with only my head exposed
to stare alone at the sea of our love
without arms to take us where
we are meant to be.

This is in response to the visual prompt above posted at Magpie Tales.


  1. the lines are so perfect for that pic.. have seen it earlier today and also had this buried alive feeling..well penned sadness..the missing what was meant to be...like it a lot

  2. I have seen a couple of others to this Magpie Tales but yours makes the most sense. It's a rather difficult one to understand, until I read your poem. Your talent helped me see the picture in a different light.

  3. Ah yes....to be able to see where one wants to go but not to be able to get there! I like your interpretation very much.

  4. Claudia, Thanks. It is a buried alive kind of prompt, isn't it?!

    DJan, You're most kind, DJan. It's difficult but I've felt that, too.

    Mary, I actually saw Adele's first and didn't know quite what I felt about her approach until I saw this.

  5. I'm feeling his regrets, his sadness, his sense of angst.

  6. Rosaria, All of it. Universal, isn't it?

  7. And we need those arms, if we're to fly.

  8. Martin, We do indeed, and for so much else.

    Lauren and Helen, Grazie.

  9. I suspect that's the difference between you and me - I would have put together an whole epic about how he wound up buried in the sand, waiting for the tide to roll in, with rescue just a few, unreachable, feet away.

    I mean, he REALLY had to piss somebody off.

  10. Lou, You made me laugh. Vive la difference!

  11. nice adele ref...she always sings such sad songs...and the vividness of the second verse...yikes...

  12. Brian, Her back up is lush in this rendition. Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by.


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