04 December 2011

Fall Colors in Our Neighborhood

I'm struck by the beautiful colors in our neighborhood these days of extended fall. They're different than the dramatic colors of my native New England, a bit more subtle and subdued, but lovely nonetheless. Much of the color come from the leaves still on the vines after the recent grape harvest that is the source of our wonderful regional wines.

Taken yesterday on a country road down our hill:

Taken from my balcony this afternoon as the sun momentarily broke through the clouds.
Those are vineyards in the distance peppered with olive groves.
The first photo looks west and the second, south:


  1. Beautiful! I think where you live is one of the loveliest places in the world.

  2. Linda, I agree and feel grateful.

  3. Breathtaking pictures! Our fall colors are all gone, faded and blown away. But I can look at these and dream of being in Italy... thanks for taking me on this journey. I especially love the vistas.

  4. no matter where we are, i think, the natural world gives us bounty, if we humans have not done it wrong.



  5. DJan, This morning, the vistas were clear and beautiful and this afternoon they were cloudy and beautiful. The weather is still in the high 50's, even low 60's so every day is a gift.

    erin, Yes, it's just to look and see the bounty. And not harm it, as you say.

  6. You had me at "wines." I love the last photo, with the moody sky over that wonderful view.

  7. Magnificent! That is what I call a view! I loved seeing the vineyards in their fall finery. The second photo reminds me of a water color or perhaps an impressionistic painting.

  8. Patti, Our regional red is a Montepulciano that's delicious!

    Sally, It's a lovely time of year.

    Sunny, Glad you liked them.

  9. Wow. Lovely scenery. What is that big honkin' hill at the west end of the South looking photograph?

  10. Lou, The big honkin' hill at the east (the other west!) end of the south photo is the Gran Sasso of the Apennine Mountains which is the highest peak in that range. I was trying to show the colors to its west but it's gorgeous!

  11. Lou, (After consult with my Honey or rather his saying to me: "You told him the total wrong answer!") Sorry, my Honey tells me I'm directionally challenged. Okay- my final answer: the hill at the (you were correct) west end of the south looking photograph is the Majella Mountain range, part of the Apennine Mountains, that we get to look at every day from our balcony. These we look at straight ahead and the other (second to last photo) we see looking right or west.


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